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  1. J

    AI Traffic State

    Yes, thanks. I am able to get the speed, heading, altitude, etc. no problem. But I cannot access the Ai Traffic State (whether it is taxying, parked, pushing back, taking off, enroute, etc.). That is clearly a variable in the SIM (because we can see it in the DevTools) and was apparently a...
  2. J

    AI Traffic State

    Nothing that I can see anyway. The sim is obviously tracking the AI Traffic state, as it shows up in DevTools, but I'm starting to conclude that Asobo have not exposed it (through SimConnect anyway). Given the gaps in documentation, it is a pity that there is also not an API that allows us to...
  3. J

    AI Traffic State

    I can get the position of the AI traffic, but not its state. These states are defined in the simulator (shown in the Devtools), but I'm starting to think they've left the state out of the Simvars exposed to SimConnect.
  4. J

    AI Traffic State

    Hi, I'm trying to monitor AI traffic by using the SimConnect API to retrieve the AI Traffic State (e.g. STATE_ENROUTE_AS_FILED, STATE_TAKEOFF, etc.). I can successfully get values such as Airspeed using SimConnect_AddToDataDefinition and SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObject, but when i try to get...