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  1. bojote

    Detect current/nearest airport with simconnect?

    I know its a little old, but your post in the one that shows up in google for searches regarding this so here's the solution. enum DATA_REQUEST_ID { REQUEST_CLOSEST_AIRPORT, }; Assuming you already obtained your position and stored them in myLatitude / myLongitude // Get aiports in the...
  2. bojote

    Send keypresses to MSFS over the network - SendFSKey

    Just an FYI for cockpit builders and/or developers wanting to implement remote keypresses. I did it mostly for Spad.NeXt so I could run a 100% remote setup (Yoke and controllers running on separate computer). Found out after finishing all the setup that some functionality, flashlight for example...
  3. bojote

    Hidden fsx.cfg entry for gauge development

    What it does, I don't know... probably helpful [PANELS] GaugeDevDebug=1
  4. bojote

    Do you believe in miracles?

    Efficient programming, is based on the premise of limited computing resources.. the surplus, is just that ;) an added plus. Altough I am NOT a Simconnect developer, I am a backend client-server programmer. I don't cater to the general plublic I mostly work with API's and database backends...
  5. bojote

    Do you believe in miracles?

    Will do :) next frontier is 'visuals'. I don't think we can get more performance out of this! Hint: Visuals meaning: [GRAPHICS] ALLOW_SHADER_30=1 and shader folder compile function manipulation ;) Probably FSDeveloper would be a good place to 'discuss' it ;)
  6. bojote

    Do you believe in miracles?

    I understand that, but.. how big of a secret can be commenting on HIGHMEMFIX for example? my point is that, the effort objective is to make something better, and that 'something' is their own product! oh well.. Microsoft doesn't care, then I should't be going crazy about it. thanks anyway :)
  7. bojote

    Do you believe in miracles?

    I can assure that, some developers here have experienced the problem with dissapearing textures and also feel contrained because of the lack of 'CPU power' for developing certain features, so.. on the contrary, I think its good news for them :) And my secret plan is to draw ex MS from the...
  8. bojote

    Do you believe in miracles?

    Yeah I know.. I'm a nobody ;) you don't know who I am, I'm not known in the community, so probably you won't take me seriously... but, just assume for a second, i'm right and I know what I'm talking about :) would you at least give a shot at 'proof reading' it? is the idea clear, confusing? I...
  9. bojote

    Fix/Tweaks for FSX

    I tried Phil Taylor (I know he's not MS anymore) and Rafael Cintron.. zero, nada.. they ignore me :) I don't want 're-assurance' from them on the 'why' those tweak/fixes work, I know the 'why', I just want some 'answers' to 'better understand' the root causes for a particular 'disturbing'...
  10. bojote

    Fix/Tweaks for FSX

    HIGHMEMFIX=1 in [GRAPHICS] section Allows FSX to manage more than 512MB of video memory on WDDM1.0 and WDDM1.1 without making textures dissapear or consider them stale. UsePools=0 in [BufferPools] section Bypasses the explicit vertex buffer and goes directly to the command buffer offloading...
  11. bojote

    Cannot get the ObjectId ....

    Hi Rob, just a quick question... (so I understand correctly) I do see 'short pauses' when batch inserting via AICreateSimulatedObject, when the iteration ends the sim resumes. the pause period is proportional to the number of objects being inserted, what would be your opinion on this particular...
  12. bojote

    AI planes with smooth movement - possible?

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned that simconnect (by default) uses the Nagle algorithm for sending packets, so I assume something like this: <DisableNagle>True</DisableNagle> in both the simconnect.cfg and simconnect.xml will aliviate (or completely solve) your problem, it DID solve mine...
  13. bojote

    SimObjects vs. Scenery technique

    Is there any benefit to using SimObjects for static 3D building/terminals as opossed to the regular texture/scenery bgl approach? I'm trying to understand the pro/cons of both methods in scenery design. Thanks,