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  1. carlosgomez

    Secondary UV blend into Main Albedo?

    It is anyway I can multiply a layer with the secondary uv map over the albedo main uv? P3Dv5.2 with PBR material. I already tried into the detail channel with no success. The PBR material does not have such thing in options as blend detail. Thanks al a lot.
  2. carlosgomez

    P3D Ground Polys at Night Don't Dissplay

    Hi. Happened to me. One of the layers just pop up and covers the others. It only happens at night. At day everything works perfectly. You found a solution?
  3. carlosgomez

    PBR Clouds Issue

    Hi. I have an issue with some PBR glass. It has the metallic texture and a normal map. The material seems perfectly ok but clouds/sky happen to draw last and look over the material. It doesnt matter if EA is active or not. I also tried removing metallic and normal map from the material and to...
  4. carlosgomez

    P3D v5 CTD placed Sim Director Library Elements

    Hi I am using Sim Director to position custom library elements and then export to BGL. There was no problem with this approach until yesterday that I had crash to desktop. In the editor I have no problem with any of the elements in the library but once on the BGL I have crash CTD loading the...
  5. carlosgomez

    Uhandled exception suddenly

    Fixed deleting the library creator XML folder on C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\SceneryDesign.org
  6. carlosgomez

    Uhandled exception suddenly

    Hi. I was working and suddlenly with no changes at all, no restarts just close and open the program I got this error. Nothing works. Already run .NET repair and tried to reinstall the .NET package and also re download latest version of Library Creator XML. I am on win10 with all updates. MCX...
  7. carlosgomez

    Sloped runways

    I have been experimenting with the new ADE and setting the airport as sloped in the properties you can set the alt on every node. The terrain sorrounding is the tricky part. I had to use sloped "flattens" and insert and alt for each vertex to be able to control the terrain. The other hard part...
  8. carlosgomez

    Prepar3D v5 support

    Great. You know how to manage the slope issue with ground polygons? I use the GPW but as it export flat doesn't work for sloped airports. There's a way to stick each vertex to the ground? I think the slope feature in V5 won't be as great if we can't do any ground textures with PBR materials for...
  9. carlosgomez

    P3Dv4 Material Scripting

    Thanks. I will try that. Last time I tried was not different from what you have, the only different thing I did was to specify the diffuse image in 3ds max. Hope with out specifying it works. One last questions. In the error log of P3d when you closes it there appear some script errors? Is this...
  10. carlosgomez

    P3Dv4 Material Scripting

    Great! Some questions... Is this a PBR material or a standard one? How was the workflow to achieve this? Max, export MDL, library? or MCX? In 3dsmax did you add some Diffuse texture image or left it blank?
  11. carlosgomez

    Level of Detail (LOD) Change Has No Visual in P3d v4

    Same issue. Anyway to solved it?
  12. carlosgomez

    P3Dv4 Material Scripting

    Thanks for the answer Arno. I am exporting as P3D4.4 and it seems to remain because the content error is displaying errors related to the .lua script. My issue is that the error displaying has nothing to do to a Lua script and the script itself does not work. I will try as P3Dv4, I don't know if...
  13. carlosgomez

    P3Dv4 Material Scripting

    Thanks for the reply Pyscen. I actually kinf of took the script from the SDK examples. I am attaching it. I dont know if the P3D is expecting another language. This is lua but I dont know hoe the Ground Poly wizard is exporting the bgl.
  14. carlosgomez

    P3Dv4 Material Scripting

    Hi. Someone knows if the material script is supported as a ground poly in GP wizard? The ContentErrors shows something weird. Its like the script lua language is not recognized. Thanks.
  15. carlosgomez

    P3D v4 material scripting

    Hi. You have found a solution? Im trying to script a ground poly texture exported from 3dsmax and mcx and the error reporting in prepar3d does not recognize anything. It shows something like this. Do you know if its supported for ground polys in mcx? "error=Gauge/Script Error Type: Unknown...
  16. carlosgomez

    MCX Feature requests

    Sorry for the long time. I had no time to do the tests. It worked for me. Its an issue as you said. I entered again all the layer numbers one by one in the GPW and worked with no flickering in the last version of MCX. Thanks a lot.
  17. carlosgomez

    MCX Feature requests

    Hi dgpilot. I have the same issue of layers out of order but it happens every time to me. You found a way to correct this? Mi workflow is: -Export from 3ds max 2017. .X v4 (All bias negative) -Import to MCX (Latest release). -Check for material properties. -Export again to .X (both v2 and v4)...
  18. carlosgomez

    P3D v4 Exported not showing in the SIM

    Also tried satellite with the new MCX and other layers with old MCX with both v2 v4 SDKs. Satellite always appear on top either if I change the layer number or positive layers. I think I new to find a way to eliminate flickering with the old MCX and SDK v2.5. Is the "best" result I can get with...
  19. carlosgomez

    P3D v4 Exported not showing in the SIM

    Thanks for the answer. I did some try and error with various SDKs. No matter what I do I get flickering with the old version of MCX and bad layer order with the new version of MCX. Can't find an explanation for this. I will try not to use specs to see if that is the issue. So far I have tried...