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    MSFS Easiest way to Replace Model?

    I model in Sketchup and then convert to glTF with MCX. Whenever I do model changes in Sketchup, I then have to re-setup all my textures in MCX, re-export and then either "replace" in the SDK or simply reposition the new model which the entire process is very time consuming when I want to just...
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    Problems Compiling first Jetway

    I've been following Peter Horfeck's Blender Jetway Tutorial for a few days now, but I've been stuck for day trying to figure out the below compiling errors. For some reason MSFS compiler doesn't think my model has faces. These 10 errors correlate to every object within my model jetway. I'm an...
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    MSFS Jetway Animations for Hire?

    I'm a long time freeware airport designer starting with FSX, but never got into designing my own jetways. This has never been a problem or bothered me until my most recent project. The airport I am currently working on has very unique, low jetways that I just can't get the defaults to function...
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    Overspeed marker really low (112 knots)

    I'm helping with a FSX aircraft port and running into an issue I can't figure out. Bare with me, as I'm a scenery builder trying to get a bit more into aircraft development, so my knowledge is very limited. The issue is that I have an extremely low overspeed marker around (112 knots), which...
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    Cannot Set ICAO (SOLVED)

    I ran into the same issue, instead of clicking the mouse or hitting tab, try hitting enter, that worked for me, I think it's a glitch.
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    Jetways won't go away with exclusions over the area

    Nevermind, I'm an idiot, I found the "ToDelete" tree under the "airport" settings, there is an option there "To Delete Jetways". Hope that can help someone else.
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    Jetways won't go away with exclusions over the area

    I've just about finished my first X-Plane 11 port to 2020 except that I cannot get the default jetways to go away. I've put a Polygon with all exclusions, An ExclusionRectangle and a Rectangle with exclusions applied, and they still come back. What am I missing? Anyone else seeing this. I've...
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    Photoreal tiles not loading around aircraft

    So the title says pretty much all. I'm testing out some photoreal bgl files creating using Google Tiles and SBuilderX and it seems as though all of the tiles around the airplane are missing, as soon as I fly forward, the tiles that were not there load and the new tiles "around" my airplane...