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  1. DaymarusLV

    MSFS Fuelstation Object

    Hello everyone! Got a bit of unusual question. Did anybody here worked with/created FuelStation Objects? What I mean is I have a model of a Fueling station, and I want to make fueling panel popup once the airplane approaches it. I thought it's a WorldScript, with proximity triggers, but I have...
  2. DaymarusLV

    Blender MSFS Blender Texture Unwrap

    Good day everyone! Seen many developers using one combined texture image instead of multiple materials for exporting a model from Blender. I use blender for a while, but have absolutely NO idea, on how to unwrap the model that way, so it looks something like on the photo below. (Example from...
  3. DaymarusLV

    MSFS PBR Metallic glance using SketchUP and MCX

    Just checked this section, and material in-sim looks as it should. Thank you for the quick anwser!
  4. DaymarusLV

    MSFS PBR Metallic glance using SketchUP and MCX

    Completely forgot to mention. The new one, MSFS. Will change the flair to MSFS
  5. DaymarusLV

    MSFS PBR Metallic glance using SketchUP and MCX

    Good day everyone! Really struggling with the PBR. As seen on the photo, when I exported model using MCX, the in-sim look is not that great, has no metallic glance where it should be. I'm new to the modeling in general, and would really appreciate any help. I know that there should be some AO...
  6. DaymarusLV

    MSFS Distorted texture

    Basically what You need to do is to forget about the default Sketchup Texture tool and use Thrupaint. Start modeling with default white textures, do what is needed, but only then, after detailing, start the texturing to avoid any risks.