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    FSX Installed a boxed version of fsx and ........................................ Its turned in to steam ?

    Oh, it's true alright. Had the tech sector hooting with laughter.
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    FSX Installed a boxed version of fsx and ........................................ Its turned in to steam ?

    Gents: you're absolutely NOT going to like what I have to say, so you've been warned. I work in tech support for a multinational company (although 'tech support' doesn't cover one-tenth of what I do). Our policy is: 1. Patch the current version 2. Patch the previous version if the customer has...
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    Image bit flags

    Thanks guys. :)
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    Image bit flags

    Does anyone know what the following image flags do? IMAGE_CREATE_DIBSECTION IMAGE_BILINEAR_GRAY IMAGE_PRESERVE_COLOR_IN_HUD IMAGE_CONTAINS_NO_MASK IMAGE_CONTAINS_MASK IMAGE_NO_STRETCH IMAGE_HUD_COLOR_MAP I figured out all the others by writing code until something happened :) but these have...
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    P3D v4 C-Gauge: MAKE_MOVING - Displays, but doesn't move.

    Do your tape and your mask have sequential resource numbers in the header file? It not, it won't work e.g. #define myTape 0x1500 #define myTapeMask 0x1501
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    FSX Gauge does not load

    Eric - everything you describe in the section above points to the operating system being locked down so that any changes to any file are immediately backed out and rewritten by the virtualStore. When the new O/S install is complete, make sure that your friend is logged in as administrator and...
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    FS2004 .Air file editor for payware aircraft?

    First: good for you for actually taking note of and implementing the original author's wishes. Secondly, if it's only gauge entries that are giving you stick, you can do them by hand. The panel.cfg file is a pure text file. What is the problem?
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    FSX Gauge does not load

    Beat me to it... :)
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    P3D v4 C gauges fail to compile

    The 'FlightMapCallback' function was missing...? It would be helpful to know in case anyone else runs into the same problem.
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    Flight Toolkit

    Bill: I was just browsing around this forum for something to and spotted your post. The error code indicates a network failure at some point - possibly a handshake on the incoming packet. I know what Google says but most people are just talking out of you-know-where. The failure could be...
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    Easy way to dynamically update L:var from DLL gauge

    Aarghh! How did I forget about that? There's a copy looking at me here :rolleyes:
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    P3D v4 Fun with the PDK

    Double backslash in the User path?
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    Easy way to dynamically update L:var from DLL gauge

    Black box it as a function and just pass in the Lvar name and the required numeric value. Do the same for a char value. Write once, use many... :) I love black boxes, especially when they contain chocolate. [Edit] Not tested, but looks and compiles okay. void executeNumLvar(char lvar[]...
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    LMML Malta Luqa - WIP

    Intrusion welcome :)
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    FSX Gauge doesn't unload...

    Found the same problem.....
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    FSX Gauge doesn't unload...

    Eric: I'm not aware of a workaround, which is why I switched to developing on P3D when I found that platform didn't exhibit the same behaviour. I say 'I found' but the subject came up in another thread (can't find it :() and that was the solution proposed within the thread. Doug: OUCH!!!! So...
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    FSX Gauge doesn't unload...

    Eric: if you're using Windows 10, it introduced that particular intermittant bug some updates ago. It frustrated and annoyed me enough that I switched my main development platform to P3D, only running a 32-bit compile when I need to check compatibility with FSX.
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    SimConnect, Where to Start?

    Bill: I've found that the SimConnect forum is a bit dead for basic information. If you're now heading into C-gauge territory, there's a get-you-started section in which retrieves the flight just loaded/just saved and does things with it. Oh - and there's five different versions of...
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    Little help with a script

    You're all wrong. 1 + 1 = 10. Get it right!!!