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  1. Luka

    P3D v4 Once again about custom map

    In fs9gps bitmaps are used only within the "formatted text" for the nearest lists and similar things. Waypoints on the map are GDI objects hardcoded in gps.dll, and here we have very limited possibilities to change their size and color.
  2. Luka

    Failure management in C++ / Virtual Cockpit gauge

  3. Luka

    Seeking Input for Voice System; Simplification

    You need some logic to check if the current play is finished before starting the next, and also to add the necessary delays between them. Something like this: <Update> (A:STALL WARNING,bool) (>L:alarm_01,bool) (A:GENERAL ENG RPM:1,rpm) 2700 > (>L:alarm_04,bool) 15.0 29.92 (A:ENG...
  4. Luka

    E.I. AV-17 Voice Annunciator gauge 2018-08-25

    XML Voice Annunciator based on Electronics International AV-17. Uses Doug Dawson's sound gauge. Full functional test panel included. For FS9, FSX and P3D.
  5. Luka

    FS2004 N1 setting

    I think there is no AP_N1_DEC/INC but only AP_N1_REF_DEC/INC, in both FS9 and FSX. Also, A: AUTOPILOT RPM HOLD VAR exists in FS9, while A: AUTOPILOT RPM HOLD is a FSX-only variable.
  6. Luka

    FS2004 (SOLVED) Can you Fill a Triangle Polyline?

    Use Polygon instead of Polyline. <Element> <Position X="282" Y="106" /> <Polygon FillColor="red" Color="#43EAF0" LineWidth="3"> <Point X="-12" Y="0" /> <Point X="12" Y="0" /> <Point X="0" Y="18" /> <Point X="-12" Y="0" /> </Polygon> </Element>
  7. Luka

    FSXA draw dynamic rectangle in opposite direction

    <Element> <Visible>(A:SIM ON GROUND, bool) 0 == if{ (A:Decision height, feet) (A:Decision height, feet) 100 + (A:Radio height, feet) rng }</Visible> <Position X="65" Y="55"/> <Rectangle Width="20" Height="12" Bright="Yes" FillColor="black"> <WidthCode>(L:tel,number) 2 /...
  8. Luka

    FSXA draw dynamic rectangle in opposite direction

    Try to add a Shift code. With Shift (X and Y) and Width/HeightCode you should be able to have full control of the rectangle.
  9. Luka

    Formating xml Numbers

    Actually %!05.1f!, because the total width of 000.0 is five characters.
  10. Luka

    FSX Cab File Question

    Use the cabdir.exe. Open a command prompt and type: More details at:
  11. Luka

    Number of gaugeXX= entries limited?

    :oops: Oops, obviously I was misunderstood what you want to achieve. You actually want a user-configurable panel.
  12. Luka

    Number of gaugeXX= entries limited?

    I think about using "title" only for the selection of different initialization options for Fr. Bill's variables, where is no need to read again in each cycle.
  13. Luka

    Number of gaugeXX= entries limited?

    Fr. Bill, what do you think about the combination of Bjoern's method with your initialization code, without the need to change panel.cfg using an external program: (L:Init,bool) ! if{ 1 (>L:Init,bool) (A:TITLE, string) 'Opt01' sstr 0 &gt; if{ (* ... init option 1 ... *)...
  14. Luka

    P3D v3 Can an XML gauge read and aircraft paint scheme?

    Just to confirm after testing, it works for both MP and AI :)
  15. Luka

    P3D v3 Can an XML gauge read and aircraft paint scheme?

    Is this applicable as a visible condition for parts on non-user (AI/multiplier) planes?
  16. Luka

    Forum software upgrade

    My login problem is solved by deleting old fsdeveloper cookies. Thanks GaryGB for IECookiesView link. :)
  17. Luka

    Forum software upgrade

    After the latest forum upgrade I can not stay logged in with Internet Explorer (IE11, Win 7/64). Every time I turn on IE and open a forum, I have to log in again. I tried with Mozilla Firefox and no problem, there Login status remains like before the forum upgrade. :confused:
  18. Luka

    FSX [Solved] Very weird macro behavior

    Try adding "els" after the first "if" in both macros: <Macro Name="LeftElecBusLoad"> (L:MM3_ELEC_LEB_SW, Bool) if{ (L:MM3_LEB_Total_Load, Amps) } els{ 0 } (L: ... <Macro Name="LeftElecBusLoad"> (L:MM3_ELEC_LEB_SW, Bool) if{ (L:MM3_LEB_Total_Load, Amps) } els{ 0 } (L: ...
  19. Luka

    P3D v3 FS9 code for 4 windows that blink up in order; System Check

    Try these corrections... <Element> <Visible>(L:FLASH SCREENS PROGRAM, bool) 1 == (P:Absolute time, seconds) (L:FLASH SCREENS CLICK START, seconds) - 16 &lt; and</Visible> <Position X="300" Y="100"/> <Image Name="111.bmp"/> </Element> <Element> <Visible>(L:FLASH SCREENS PROGRAM...
  20. Luka

    2D gauge placement (help)

    Try these settings. Also, it might be better to use another 'WindowXX' instead of 'Window00'. [Window02] size_mm=512,512 pixel_size=512,512 position=4 type=special Render_3d_window=1 //this prevents movement of "type=special" panels around the screen BACKGROUND_COLOR=0,0,0...