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  1. SpectroPro

    Scenery Objects - P3D v4.3xxxx

    See the private message I sent you. As for textures, they are easy enough to get. A good camera on your phone will capture great ones. I do that when I do modelling. Greg
  2. SpectroPro

    Scenery Objects - P3D v4.3xxxx

    As I am doing my KCVG free and payware versions maybe we could collaborate. I have spent insane # of hours just working on the correcting of runways, taxiways, parking, tarmacs, as well as correct placing of all signs, beacons, markers, vasi, roads, etc... Will be going down soon for a behind...
  3. SpectroPro

    Scenery Objects - P3D v4.3xxxx

    Can't wait to hear your progress on this one. I have some things in the fire now. Working on KCVG as well as KHAO and 8B1 and KNKL. I have also purchased a new domain name that will be used for the new sim site I am going to be working on. Want to get back to flying at some point. LOL But...
  4. SpectroPro

    Scenery Objects - P3D v4.3xxxx

    Hey Mark, Yeah, I used to create my own libraries as we, many many years ago, ran a Virtual Airline. We created paints for all of our aircraft but also I created scenery for the airports we used and/or created. So as I found objects that I liked I gained permission from the authors to be able...
  5. SpectroPro

    Scenery Objects - P3D v4.3xxxx

    As I don't do modeling I can't comment on how to possibly get it into the sim. And yes, I really wish they would update IS to work with P3D v4.3/4+ I'd BUY it again!!! I have paid full price for every copy, 1, 2, & 3. Because I always missed out on the discounts for prior owners. But at...
  6. SpectroPro

    Getting Airport Specs

    I contacted the security department at KCVG and they set up a tour for me so that I can see parts of the airport closed to the public. Well, closed it a relative term since ANYONE can request a tour. They usually do it only for groups but after telling them what I was working on they were...
  7. SpectroPro

    Modeller(s) WANTED!!!!

    Absolutely!!! Can always use modelers so more can be done.. Many buildings and such to do. The more working on it the more people can learn from the others as well.. Also really needing someone that can do ground modeling. Ability to do tunnels, roads lower than the tarmacs, etc... If...
  8. SpectroPro

    Modeller(s) WANTED!!!!

    Henri has joined the team as a model maker. I am, however, still looking for someone (or two) that can do ground work. There are some great ground features at KCVG including a few tunnels and a cargo tarmac that is well above the roads going around it. I would love to see these done in this...
  9. SpectroPro

    ADE 1.50 English and German Manuals

    Hey Jon, I happen to have hosting that includes unlimited everything.. literally. I’ve had it for years and would be happy to host your site or a backup of it. Their support is 24/7 and they have helped me when I screwed up one of my sites or had issues at all times of night or day usually...
  10. SpectroPro

    ADE 1.50 English and German Manuals

    Thanks Christian. I have the English version. Just happened to notice these dead links (old, I know) when doing a search for something in ADE via Google. So wanted to make notice of them just in case someone else searches here. :) Thanks again for the updated links! Greg
  11. SpectroPro

    ADE 1.50 English and German Manuals

    These links no longer work, btw. :) Greg
  12. SpectroPro

    P3D v4 Where did my files go????

    I can't seem to win for losing... So, when I uploaded my files here the other day, Jon gave me some advice. I followed that advice. That was on 18 Nov. I have done some major work since then. I save CONSTANTLY even with autosave working every 10 minutes. ADE has been running for the last 5...
  13. SpectroPro

    P3D v4 ...

    ** duplicated post **
  14. SpectroPro

    Probably asked 1000 times....but just in case... (AI roll out distance)

    As for the time, yeah, I know I had it right. I was basing my watching on the departure board from the program. There was NEVER a 747 anywhere at the airport. MOST of the Cargo parking was empty and what parking had planes had passenger planes. The time came and was just a couple...
  15. SpectroPro

    P3D v4 Issues with Exclude

    Ok...I wonder, Jon, if this doesn't speak to the problem I posted earlier.... When I first started working with stock KCVG loaded and I would compile the stock buildings were gone. Not the taxi signs but that wasn't my big issue at that moment.. THEN, after a massive crash and rebuild from a...
  16. SpectroPro

    P3D v4 Issues with Exclude

    Thank God I shave my head....else I'd be YANKING my hair out. So, as per what SHOULD be done, I created a nice happy EXCLUDE on my KCVG to eliminate all the stock buildings, taxi signs, etc.. YAY, it worked great. However, it also removes all the Jetways I turned ON. BOOOO! Another...
  17. SpectroPro

    ADE Custom Ground Line TYPE question I still have to hide a hold short link underneath it for the AI to work properly.. That's exactly what I needed to know..thank you Greg
  18. SpectroPro

    ADE Custom Ground Line TYPE question

    When a line is designated as type Hold Short does that make it the same as a HOLD SHORT link? So I can put in my custom line as a hold short and won't have to create a HS link at the same spot? Greg
  19. SpectroPro

    P3D v4 A bug or am I the lucky ONE person with this issue *Moving Background Image*

    Let me start this with a bit of background. I have been working on my KCVG airport for some time now. One of the reasons it is taking so long is that I have had to REALIGN my runways, tarmacs, roads, etc many times. I kept thinking that when ADE would crash or my system reboot because of...
  20. SpectroPro

    Has anyone done or tried this with airports and mesh....

    Nice.. Thanks!! Will play with that. I hope to have my Free version ready shortly. Doing a payware version also with all the actual buildings modeled as well as the ground. I'm heading down after Thanksgiving for a tour so I can actual pics of areas the public can't get to. Should be fun! Greg