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  1. Fischkopp

    Project 2019: Port of Hamburg

    After the now finished "Birds Air Route" I have chosen the port of Hamburg for the year 2019 on multiple request. Since the performance over Hamburg in the P3D isn't the best anyway, I can't say yet with certainty what the final scope of the project will be. It is clear that it...
  2. Fischkopp

    New AI ship for sim oceans

    A new AI ship has been released for the Simulator Seas. It is the heavy / yacht carrier "Dockwise Explorer" which can be downloaded as freeware from the website (registration required). The ship does not only sail in the coastal areas, but also crosses the seas and oceans...
  3. Fischkopp

    New AI ship for German rivers (as freeware released)

    The "River Star" is a modern river cruise ship as it sails on many European rivers. The model travels on the following routes: Elbe: Hamburg <-> Geesthacht Wittenberge <-> Tangermünde Magdeburg <-> Aken Meissen <-> Dresden Rhine: Düsseldorf <-> Kölln Remagen <-> Koblenz Koblenz <-> Eltville...
  4. Fischkopp

    New video of AI ships online

    New video of the study of multi-purpose vessels ("Viper" and "Cobra") for the German Navy. The engine effects only look so realistic in the P3D V4.
  5. Fischkopp

    Happy New Year

  6. Fischkopp

    Merry Christmas

  7. Fischkopp

    P3D v4 Birds air Route Puttgarden<->Rødbyhavn with EKMB Maribo Airport

    Now that the Alster scenery is finished and published, I'm already working on my next project for P3D V4. It is the ferry link between the German Baltic island Fehmarn and the Danish island Lolland. The project includes the two ports of Puttgarden and Rødbyhavn and of course the ferries...
  8. Fischkopp

    Can´t add fx effects under win10

    Hello Forum, I use the ModelconverterX now for the first time under Win10. I've noticed that I can´t add fx effects to any models. The position cross of the effects will disappear and after compiling is no effect present. Even with models I have compiled still under win7 the position Cross...
  9. Fischkopp

    fx effects configuration

    Hi forum, I´m a newbie in 3D-Modelling. Now I have bulid my firts ship model for AI ship traffic in FSX and P3D. In this model I use the fx_Smoke_Sml fx. My question is wether it is possible to stop the effect when the ship stops (e.g. in a habour) even like the wake effect?