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    View status

    Hi, Is it possible to obtain the view status from xml code (Outside view,3D VC view,etc.) ? Thank's, JMC
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    Rotation 360° with problem (needle)

    Hi, I have a problem during a rotation animation on 360 ° for 90 of length with steps of 10, the whole having to follow a variable which is a modulo 10 multiplied by 10 of a number varying between 0 and 500 to obtain values such 0..10..20 until 90. All is right for the first 10 values from 0 to...
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    Envmaps FSX2Blender

    Hi, I have some trouble with envmaps. The wiki manual shows the settings for Blender but what about the settings in FSX? I know that bue is top, dark bottom but I am stuck for the other faces. Anyone can help me ? Thank's! JMC
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    FSX smoothing problem [solved]

    Hi, I have some trouble exporting to fsx my model under devlopment like you can see on the 2 pictures below. First, with Blender (Matcap enabled) and with FSX after export Am i wrong or is this a toolkit problem? Do you know a cure or do you know a way to divert the problem ? Thank's, JMC
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    FSX bones animation

    Hi, Is it possible to link an object with armature animation to another animated? I success to animate an object with bones but I fail in linking this one to another animated (rotation). Results are erratic. Am I wrong ? What would be the method ? JMC
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    Blender animations with bones problem with FSX

    Hi, I have a link problem between animations (one using bones and another one without bones) for the export to FSX. Everything works correctly under Blender but it's completely erratic under FSX. The export of the animation with bones alone works properly but once bound nothing goes anymore...
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    FS2004 I can't get CAT

    Hi, I can't download CAT. The link seem to de dead. Is it always avalaible for download? regards, JMC
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    FS2004 Texture problem mdl->bgl

    Hi, Newbye to ModelConverterX (great tool), i got a transparency problem converting fs2004 mdl files (from fsc file) to scenery. These pictures show it. Showing ok the the fs9 mdl but converted to bgl Can you help me ? Converting to FSX bgl is ok after positionning the...