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    P3D v4 Problem with MDL Tweaker in MCX for P3D 4.4

    Hi Arno: Dont know if this is a issue or a problem on my side. Got the latest release of MCX, running P3D v4.4, and SDK for P3d V4.4 If i save a model for v4.4 and then try to use the mdl tweaker to adjust the radius got an error: See the end of this message for details on invoking...
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    P3D v4 Question About AFLT3

    Hi Don: I want to do runway lights with AFLT, but i´m a bit lost here, if i understand the manual, i need to use the AFLT (simobjects).exe to do it for P3D4, but can´t open the application. A windows open with the text "unable to establish a connection to via simconnect" if I click OK button...
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    FSX ADEX Runway Lights Question

    Good Day: I´m working with some airports with ADEX 1.66.5555, and now I´m stuck, is there a way to turn off runway edge lights, and maintain on the REIL and Runway End Lights? As soon I turn off the runway edge lights, the REIL and runway end lights are gone, even with their checkboxes checked...