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  1. hek293

    Mesh conflict with AI ?

    Hey All, A rather interesting puzzle for all. We have recently created a custom mesh for an island. The mesh file covers the airport as well. The elevation of the area covering the airport is an exact match to the elevation of the airport, which is set in the AFD airport file. Also, of course...
  2. hek293

    Material templates based on Model?

    Hey Arno, small idea for implementation, which would expand on the awesome material template feature. Heavily relying on MCX for processing the .X file after export from MAX. Usually this involves tweaking material settings, adding texture maps, etc..etc..When files are big, with more than...
  3. hek293

    FSX Maximum frames for animation?

    Hey Guys, sorry if this is somewhere mentioned, couldn't see it anywhere. Anyone have an idea of what would be the maximum frames limit for an anim in FSX/P3D?
  4. hek293

    [FSX/P3D] Multiple animations export

    Hey guys, have a question regarding animation I created a few animated paths, on which I ve constrained various vehicles to create traffic; that works fine as expected. Along with those anims, I also got some static anims, i.e. traffic lights switching red/green, hangar dooes...
  5. hek293

    GPU up! FPS down !

    Hey guys, just wanted to share some of the latest find..I upgraded my GTX560Ti to a GTX760 just a few days ago. One of the first things I noticed was a 10-frame drop in performance in FSX..anyone else has had similar experiences in the past?
  6. hek293

    MCX export vs. ESP1.0 export problems

    Hi Arno, I recently noticed the following problem in a (static-no bones) jetway model with glass bodies and internal modeling. When the model was exported straight from MAX, all sorting was fine and internal textures easily seen through the glass (attached). When I exported the model...
  7. hek293

    FSX GPW grouped polys

    Hi Arno, Can you elaborate a bit more into how this works? In my (limited) understanding, this breaks the whole model into pieces (500m apart) with their own reference point and hence the visibility of each material becomes relative to the center of that ref.point. ***Is there a way to get a...
  8. hek293

    Problem in development release download?

    Seems it's too small-files missing?
  9. hek293

    Curve correction of skinned models?

    Hey Arno, Have currently any way to curve correct a bone animation of some model? i.e. a 'train-type' model following a long path? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. hek293

    FSX Skinned mesh and drawcalls

    Hi all, A question regarding drawcalls on skinned meshes. I was lately modeling a complex model to use as animated FSX jetway. If I skin the whole mesh, it'll be impossible to edit envelopes. Instead, I have skinned each part individually to the bone structure. Will this result in more...
  11. hek293

    [FSDG] 3D artists wanted

    Hey guys, We are looking for one or two 3D artists to help us speed up development (paid of course ;)) So if you are experienced with the following, please drop me a pm with some samples. -Low poly 3D modeling (3DSMax 9.0 or later) -Photo-real texturing using reference material -Pre-rendered...
  12. hek293

    Add Specular texture function

    Hi Arno, That'd be an easy one :) could we have the 'add specular texture' function embedded into the material template drop-down? It's the second most common after the night texture. I think most people use the * convention. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. hek293

    Triggered effects

  14. hek293

    The break we have been looking for?

  15. hek293

    MCX Placement tags not retained

    Hey Arno, Small question on placement function. I see that some of the 'tags' are not retained in the placement dialog. For example, I export a scenery .BGL with a 'NoCrash' and 'NoAutogenSuppression' = True but both those values are again set to =False upon re-importing the same .BGL file.
  16. hek293

    Another small request

    Hi Arno, Currently, there is no option to multi-select attachpoints. It would be useful to be able to select 10 attachpoints and add the day/night;dawn/dusk parameters in one go. Same applies for duplicating multiple effects. Think it's possible at some later release? :)
  17. hek293

    Small request Part 2

    Hi Arno, Again on material templates. How I love that feature! OK about the request now, would it be possible to have an option called: ' Create template from current material ' This would save the time going in the template editor and cloning all the properties. Not sure how popular...
  18. hek293

    FSX Bone animation exports

    Hi All, Quick question on boned animation exports. I seem to only be able to properly export such an animation if I use the MDL export option on 3DS but not if i export the X file and compile through XtoMDL. Is this a known 'problem'?
  19. hek293

    MCX doesn't see effects..

    Hi again, I never had this problem in the past. Might be something I did but no idea what. If I load the .X file in MCX, I cannot see any attachpoints. If I first create a .MDL using XtoMDL, then I can see them in MCX too. :confused:
  20. hek293

    Small request

    Hi Arno, Would it be possible to add the option of duplicating a current material template (and use a temporary name -e.g. *_temp- until it is properly renamed) It is rather useful in case you only want one or two properties changed :) Thanks!!