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  1. airernie

    FSX What is a gnb1 file

    I noticed that every thumbnail in the ADE FSX Generics Building folder had a matching gnb1 file. What are these secondary files? Are they created when the model is built, or ?? Thanks, Ernie
  2. airernie

    FSX Preview Airport

    I'm guessing I already know the answer to this, but I'll ask anyway.. Is there a way to preview an FSX compatible airport without having to install it in FSX first? Sometimes I want to compare two different freeware airports. Currently I just install them both in FSX, uncheck one; open FSX...
  3. airernie

    FSX How to recognize an airport file

    I recently installed the FSX Steam DLC version of Meigs Field. Although it works fine in FSX:SE neither ADE for MakeRwys can find the BGL containing the airport. I posted a message on the Orbx forum and got a reply that "f you're in search of the APX file for Meigs Field, the filename is...
  4. airernie

    FSX Taxi Link Background Color

    Not quite sure how to describe this, so I have uploaded two screenshots. I am going though the tutorial in the manual and I can't get a consistent color on the taxi to runway link. In one instance it is the color or the taxi link (light gray), and in the other it's the color of the runway...