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    Conditions and platforms ??

    Hi all... A quick question.. is it possible to apply a condition to a in making the platform only appear at certain times..of the year let's say? Thanks in advance JW
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    Trying to flood New Orleans....

    Hi all, here's what i am attempting to do.. given the flooding during the hurricane in NO. I thought it would be a challenging premise for a "SAR" type scenery to try and re-create this.. My logic at first was to simply lay down a plane in gmax (elevated slightly), texture it as water and...
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    gmax squashing autogen

    hello all, i have recently built some objects in gmax and all came out fine.. however, i have noticed that gmax appears to remove some of the autogen trees in close proximity to the object.... is there any way to avoid this? does gmax have a "scenery area" that can be adjusted? Thanks in...
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    Nav2 how to????

    hello all, i'm new to mdl tweaker and was having a bit of trouble with the program.. i have an effect that i have created in gmax and have exported the .mdl i want to make the "object" (smoke) only appear when nav 2 is set to a certain freq. if i understand correctly, the program will do...