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    Animated obj disappears on certain camera angle

    This problem has been haunting me since i started to animate using gmax... So si made a yellow airport service car and i group animate it in attempt to make living environtment for my scenery. And i found that the animated car gone disappear when i change or move my camera angle to the left...
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    Suddenly mcx cant read textures

    i was finishing my scenery with some adjustments and suddenly when i opened mcx, it decides to not load any textures from any file format either bgl or mdl, except .dae file from sketchup which still i can load the textures, is there anything that i can do at this point? ive attached some pics
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    A random shaped hole on ground poly

    So i was making a ground poly for my scenery and after i compiled it i realized that there is a big annoying hole on the poly which i figured out that it pops when i converted the mdl to bgl, because in .mdl format everything looks fine meanwhile in .bgl format there is a hole. you can see it in...
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    Random flicker on gmax screen

    Hi, ive been using gmax for a few times and i had to reset my laptop due to windows error. after i installed everything as normal, i started to model and animate my sode jetway back and for some reason on this time gmax flickers all 4 windows black/white when i try to select, right click, rotate...
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    runtime error: attept to access deleted scene object? (GMAX)

    im new to gmax and trying to make a sode jetway but when i run the jetway creator script it sent me an error which i attached below hope someone come with solution :)
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    New xml made sode crashed

    Hey, i just created new sode jetway and i placed it to the sim, but in the sim the sode control system in addons did not show. i also tried to delete the xml and restart the sim and the sode control pops out on the addons tab and after i added the xml and pressed reload all, a text said "sode...
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    texture splits in mcx

    i just finished designing my radar with sketchup and im only use 2 texture image, but in mcx it splits in to several textures, this happens to me a lot and a bit annoying, if there are any solutions will be helpful Thanks! :)
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    MCX sent serveral errors + night texture didnt show

    never got this problem before which my mcx sent me lines of errors when i tried to export my .mdl file. ive attach the screenshot below. I also have night texture problem which didnt show in night render mode. thanks for any helps.
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    Scasm lights are too bright and huge

    Hey i just found that scasm light for approach lights and runway lights are messed up on FSX Acceleration which shaped round and huge also very bright and ripping fps any solutions?
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    Google Maps for scenery design, any copyrights?

    Hey i just curious is ok to use google services such as google maps for scenry designs e.g. photoreal? Because it will not be great if someone from google sue for copyright issues. If there is no problem ill start selling few of my payware scenery creations, thanks!
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    Wierd Jetway Animation

    im trying to make SODE jetway, but when i put the animation from the script some errors pops up and the animation broke. i attached some pictures and a video. thanks if anyone have solution for this.. sorry for posting on this topic that supposed to be sode topic please note that im new to...
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    Sode Jetway with 2 bridges only?

    Is it possible to make sode jetway out of 2 bridges? Here is the picture below...
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    Sode jetway placement tutorial?

    Im desperatly trying to understand sode jetway placement system.. Ive read the manual from sode but no luck, i also searched few thread about this but i cant find it. My questions: 1. How to place it from .mdl and what i need? 2. Do i need to put the .mdl in fsx simobject folder or directly to...
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    Windsock animation didnt show

    hey, i just learned about windsock animating on gmax. so i just made a windsock then i animate by Vertex and i export everything as usual as ambient but the animation didnt show in mcx... anyone have solutions? thx (i tried to use Bones too, still no animation appear)
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    Object have no texture after export

    Hey, i just made stairs in sketchup and i imported the model tk mcx, add night texture, but after placing the object the textures didnt show up... In pic below it only shows the wheels and roof which have different texture from the body. Any helps appreciated! Thx <3
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    Gmax Export Error

    hey, i was trying to export animated models from gmax, but this time somehow it didnt work and pops an error, anyone can help? thx
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    Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS)

    Hey, i saw some scenery uses vdgs for their parking such as imaginesim,etc. I currently working to develop an airport with vdgs system installed , anyone can show/teach me how to make it? Ive saw a thread about this but i did not know much about fs2004sdk and how to use it... Thanks!!! <3
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    FSX ADE Jetway problem & custom jetway

    Hello, i was wondering how some developers are able to make ctrl J jetways with ADE, meanwhile when i make it , it didnt show up and ive follow every tutorial, manual, also threads and solutions for this problem but i still couldnt make it. or maybe i must install older version of ADE? because i...
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    Gmax made the texture messy

    so i get this problem when im going to give an animation to a ground vehicle car, when i imported the .dae file to mcx, the textures are fine then after i convert the file to .3ds so i can put it in gmax.... after i animate the model, then i export as .mdl, then i import the .mdl to the mcx...
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    FSX Photoreal with sbx problem

    Hello guys, i want to ask few question about sbx photoreal design. 1. I got a problem with google server tiles which not showing up, i saw few other thread and follow their instruction but still cant show up, also i cant get the new googleserver.dll because sbx's forum is down... Any help? Thx...