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    Ramp Lights

    I have lighted my project with Bill Leaming's RampLights (FSX version, downloaded from Resources). When there are other lights (e.g. aircraft's landing lights) lighting the same place, the result is a "burned" (overexposed) spot (see picture). Objects beneath the ramp lights are not...
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    Oil spots under RampLights

    I have placed some oilspots (from cc_airport_utilities library in Rwy21) on the apron which is lighted by RampLights (download from the Resources of this forum). When lights are on (dawn/dusk/night), and for various viewing angles. the oilspots appear as a dark rectangle, i.e. the whole texture...
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    Gen Buildings

    I have setup a group of Gen Buildings with SBuilderX. For one of them I am trying to use the bottom sections 71-78 or 104-105 (size of the building is 18*16m), but it does not render properly (something like missing textures). Is there something wrong with the specific textures or am I doing...
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    GP altitude

    I am trying to place a GP on a flatten just next to the airport, which has a different altitude than the airport. It does not seem to work, i.e. the GP stays at the airport altitude and not at the underlying flatten. Is there anyway to force it down to the altitude of the underlying flatten?
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    Move GP

    Would it be possible to be able to move GP lines and polys with alt-N? And, to control the visible width of the guidelines?
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    bgl creation failure

    I ran my first try of the new tool, but so far I failed. Steps taken: Created an array .def file for the approach lights in one direction. Ran "Make Light Arrays"; an xml and a bgl files were created, along with .ini files. I did not find how to define what type of models are wanted (FS9 or...
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    Taxiway to Runway Junction II

    I am trying to follow older advices given in this thread (post no 12) That is, to use CLOSED path to draw the centerline of the junction. In all cases, the CLOSED links are defined with "Draw Surface" and "Draw Detail"...
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    FSX Apron lights

    I was checking JDhaenens ramp lights, and i noticed that the circular versions (4 & 8 lights) do not illuminate the ground at night, although they do at dusk/dawn. Could anyone please confirm and provide an explanation? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
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    Generic Buildings

    Is there any hope that a full-functional Generic Building manager will be incorporated in ADE?
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    Texture mapping

    Sorry if this a totally silly question, but I couldn't find my way through it. There is an object that is textured by a part of a texture file. How can it be modified so it gets textured by another part of the same texture file? Is there any way to do this in ModelConverterX? I was looking in...
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    I have read older material on bridges, but I still have some confusion on drawing standard FSX bridges, so I could use some input: Seems like there are only two basic kind of standard bridges (with different sizes): girder and concrete. Are there any other types available (e.g. suspended...
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    Move airport, altitude and Save

    When "Move Airport" is used, the altitude in airport properties is set to 0 (although runway keeps the original altitude). Is this normal ? (I don't remember this in older versions). I suppose the only fix, is to "Change Airport Altitude" just after the Move ? After "Move", even if you press...
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    Textured line

    Is it possible to make seasonal textures for a textured line? If not, could seasonal textures be applied to a textured polygon?
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    Effect placement with parameters

    Tried to place an effect adding some parameters (DAY=0; NIGHT=1;). When parameters are entered, the effect does not render (without parameters it shows up alright). The xml code in raw view seems ok. Could you please provide some help on this? (FSX, ADE 1.55.4860)
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    Displaying offseted particles

    Looks like when emitter offset or particle offset is used, FXEditor still shows everything at the origin of the reference system and not spaced (as rendered in-sim). Is there any way around it? (attached an .fx that can be used as an example)
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    Effect emitting other effect

    Trying to setup an effect that emits effects (instead of particles), using the following syntax (edit of the default FSX fx_flare.fx) [Library Effect] Lifetime=5 Version=2.00 Radius=-1 Priority=0 [Properties] [Emitter.0] Lifetime=1000.00, 1000.00 Delay=0.00, 0.00 Bounce=0.00 No...
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    Emitter Offset

    I try to build a light effect (sequenced strobes) using an effect with multiple emitters, offseted so that you will get a series of lights. For the time, I am experimenting with a very simple version with just two emitters. Here is the code: [Library Effect] Lifetime=5 Version=2.00...
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    SimConnect tool

    It is sometime now that there was a discussion on a simconnect tool by Arno and pfabian. Are there any news on this? Is there any other trick in FSX that can make an effect appear depending on visibility?
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    Weather trigger make Autogen disappear

    Ok, here is a good one. (I post in ADE just because it is the only place I found an older post on weather triggers). I placed a simple weather trigger, compiling an xml with bglcomp. The xml is as follows: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <FSData version="9.0"...