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    Gauge "soft" keys access

    Hi, I am trying to access "soft" keys on a gauge for an user aircraft. The gauge has no Lvars for the "soft" keys. I can access the "soft" keys by hoovering over the "soft" key and make a left click on the mouse. This is the built in way of accessing these "soft" keys. I am about to make a...
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    How to read text message with SimConnect API

    Hi, After been loaded into P3Dv4 some airplanes take some time to initialize internal data before they are ready for user/client inputs. The airplane is sending out a text message that is displayed in the main P3D window when ready. Is there a way to read this message by my dll using...
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    Reading and writing Lvar from C++

    I have a working C++ app that uses SimConnect. It is working very well. The app can both read and write a specific airplane variables that are implemented as SimCOnnect Variables and Events. Now I plan to add functions to both read and write Lvars from the specific airplane, as some of the...
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    CDU app

    Hi, I am developing a small C++ app that uses the PMDG NGX SDK to get the CDU data and display it to a sizeable window to better align the text to a specific hardware CDU. I want a window type as in (the 2D CDU (left) and 2D CDU (right)) when it is undocked, but just with the CDU info without...
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    Hi, I have the following code in my Client software and the Function FSXRaiseControl is receiving 66448, but the NAV1_RADIO_SWAP does not happend. Can anyone help me trace my problem in the code? rgs roarkr int FSXRaiseControl(int var) { if (!simConnected)...