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    FS2004 Using Raw Data View to change gate index

    I have an FS9 airport that I'm working on and I want to change some of the gate index numbers. When I first added the gates I was not aware of how important a gate index number is when ATC selects a gate so I added them along the arms of the terminal with total disreguard for the index number...
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    Intermittent FSDeveloper Response

    Has anyone been experiencing slow response intermittently today? From going to the website itself to the response when clicking on a forum or topic I have seen very slow response at times. Like over a minute will elapse from when I click on a topic to that page being returned or it takes so...
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    FSX Freeway Traffic 2 Lanes Ok, 1 Lane nothing shows

    I'm using shapefile vectors to add freeway traffic over my Resampled imagery. I have about 20 different shapefiles compiled into 1 bgl with shp2vec. Everything works as expected but I have one vector line that should be one lane of traffic. The problem is that when the database file is set to...
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    FSX Duplicate Taxi Signs

    Jon, I wanted to update on the problem with the duplicate taxiway signs in RC 1.69. After reviewing further I decided that the duplicate signs were all from the default airport. I extracted the micro excludes for...
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    FSX Request for new feature

    Is it possible to have ADE load a photo scenery bgl made with Resample.exe as the background image as is done in the Autogen Annotator or TMF Viewer? I was thinking that this would make it easier to place library objects, taxi paths, etc. in their correct location. Ed
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    Tim Gatland CTO Dovetail Games

    Tim Gatland is interviewed on Dovetail's plans for the future of FSX Steam Edition.
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    Hello Kitty

    Sorry. Can't make the link work. Can't figure out how to delete the whole thing.
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    Update Error

    Hi Arno, Sorry to bother you but I get an error whenever I click the update balloon for MCX. I have been getting all the updates manually so this is no big deal but it would be nice to just click the balloon. Thanks for your help. Ed
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    GWX(Get Windows X)

    Late Tues. evening I remembered that it was patch Tuesday so I dutifully downloaded 10 important and 8 optional patches. Wed. morning I was greeted with a new notification icon about getting Windows 10. Since I don't intend on getting Windows 10 anytime soon I went into the event manager and...
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    Question from a news story

    I read a news story this morning about the Lockheed Martin F-35 which is finally coming on line after an eighteen to twenty year gestation period. The story stated the there are over 8.5 million lines of code running all the systems. So my question is how do you test all that code with...
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    Frustated User Finds a Solution

    I don't know what the problem was but he fixed it permantly.
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    Another insect on the loose

    Hi Jon, When I load a project file with hidden items (either FS9 or FSX) pressing the 'D' key does not cause the hidden items to temporarily display. I can get it to work by clicking on List and then clicking on any category. I can then close the list box and the 'D' key now will show the...
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    FSX Glide Slope Feather color when locked

    I was trying to move a glide slope feather and even though I was selecting it I couldn't drag it. After several tries it popped into my tiny brain that the localizer was locked. Yep that was it. So I'm requesting that when a localizer is locked that the glide slope feather connected to it...
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    FSX Steam I didn't want

    I apparently made a mistake to visit the STEAM website and check their FSX offering a few weeks ago. Now when I click on home in FSX I get the screen shown below. Since I routinely delete all cookies and other unwanted intrusions to my computer I was surprised to find this. Does anyone know...
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    Polygons & Objects no longer hidden

    Jon, I'm unhappy to report that I've found what I think is a bug in ADE. I found that if you have items hidden in your project they will become visible when you return to Airport Mode from Approach Mode. I have found this to be the case for both FS9 and FSX. Below I've uploaded three...
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    FS2004 What Compiler Be This

    Jon, I'll save a long story and cut to the chase. The BGLComp.exe in the ADE165/FS9 folder is the same one as in the ADE165/FSX folder. I'm going to bet a wooden nickel that this is not correct. I've attached pictures of my folders for your perusal. I will make the necessary repairs and...
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    FSX The No Close Edit Box

    Jon, This subject was touched on in another thread today. From my own experience I can say that just having ADE and FSX open at the same time is not a problem for me. I use both in full window mode and have just one or the other viewable on the screen at one time. I never see the delayed...
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    1.65 FS9 Model File Problem

    Jon, I'm getting a compile error on an FS9 project. ADE 1.65 is looking for the 4 models I'm using in C:\MSFS\FS Design Tools\Airport Design Editor 165\FS9\Work\*.mdl. I've attached a picture of the first part of the error message. I've also attached an image (from the list function) listing...
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    FSX Water effects showing through blend mask

    I am attempting to create a blend mask for some photo scenery. I'm testing with a small segment of the area that I want to have photo scenery on. I made a blend mask using Gimp but instead of getting a fade of the photo image into the default landclass I'm getting water effects at the edge of...
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    Marketing gone crazy

    I'm beginning to think that I'll have to put more effort into stopping the tracking than stopping the viruses.