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    FS2004 CAT Question

    Hi there, I succeeded to create a 600 frame - path constraint animation in gmax. I did not check the "loop" option, because I want to play one time. I made a NAV2 animation trigger with CAT software to start the animation. My problem is the following: The animation starts after the proper...
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    Low poly 3ds models

    Hi, Where can I download free low poly 3ds, or gmax models? Cars, etc. Thanks.
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    FSX Object animating via path from gmax into FSX

    Hi there, I'm new here. I've started an animating project for LHNY scenery for FSX. I have made a box animated during a path, I exported to an mdl file. What is the next step to do? Need I make bgl from the mdl, or not? How can I put the animation into my FSX LHNY scenery? Has anybody a...