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    uvw unwrapped textures don't show correctly.

    Hello, I am trying to convert runway markings which use the uvw unwrap modifier in gmax, however once in MCX they don't show up correctly. The only textures that work are those which I have applied uvw mapping. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    Improper ground texture alignment with mesh.

    Hello. I just installed a custom mesh file but I am having trouble with the ground textures from sbuilder x, they appear to be badly aligned. I was curious if anyone knew of a method to move either the mesh or the photo scenery in order for it to align better. I have included pictures to...
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    Any help with creating fsx mesh.

    I know there is a terrain forum but there doesn't seem to be much traffic there. I currently have a geotiff which I got by converting a usgs .dem using 3DEM. I am following the fsx sdk documentation, however, I cannot figure out how to run the geotiff through resample. I obviously know that you...
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    Have the .DEM now what?

    I have been reading a few older threads here. I downloaded a program called "Landserf" and have been trying to figure out what to do. Needless to say I am completely lost. All I wan't to do is improve the default fsx land mesh. I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.
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    how do you apply dds file to fsx mdl file for conversion?

    Hello, this might not be the right question but from what I understand, using model converter x you don't need to edit any .asm files. I could be wrong, but the confusing part is that in the .asm files I can change from .bmp to .dds so that it will appear in FS. However, since I cannot generate...
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    Where is the FS2002 gamepack?

    I am having trouble finding the gamepack on the fs2002 pro disks. I found in disk 2 a I opened it and found a flightsim folder. However the folder that says gamepack only has 1 file called "imagetool.exe" There is another folder that says plugins and that has "FSModelEXP.dle" and...
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    What is wrong with my slice plane tool? Gmax

    Hello, I am having a hard time with this tool. It is creating an extra vertex between every edge. It is creating hell with my models.
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    Would it be possible... model your project in Autodesk Softimage and then import it into gmax for texturing, animation and fsx exporting?
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    No google tile server?

    I am confused. I have never been able to make the google tile server work but every other server works. Anybody experiencing the same thing?
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    How not to treat your paying customers.

    Nothing pisses me off more than lazy customer service. Why can't you just tell me where it is? Perhaps I don't want to read the documentation. Perhaps I am just lazy and would like a quick answer. Perhaps I can't find the documentation. Perhaps I am not in my main computer and would...
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    Can I make a mesh with GE?

    I want to make some detailed ground mesh for the airport I am working with and GE would help allot but I don't know if it would be possible, and if it is, how? I can't find any documentation in the subject.
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    Am I doing this right?

    Obviously not. I decided to do a bit of experimentation when it came to texturing the ground polygon. Since I wanted to have the best possible quality I decided to do the polygon and tile thing. Everything shows up fine in Gmax However, in the game, it shows up like this. This is...
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    Problem with airport heading and makemdl 2002

    Hello, The airport I want to create has a heading of 82.790001. However, makemdl rounds it to 82. I then change it to 83 since it is the closest whole number but it of course it ends up not being perfectly aligned with the ground textures. What can I do?
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    Issue with ground polygon.

    The ground polygon that I make always seems to flicker as if the poly was touching the polygon I use as my background reference, even though I use the -0.1 setting to it. Also, the image is very low quality, when I zoom in I can't really make out any details. I use texture correction but Its...
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    Issue with multiple blendmasks.

    Hey guys, I am having another issue with the blendmasks. I cant get them to work. Here is what I get. here is the inf [Source] Type = MultiSource NumberOfSources = 8 [Source1] Type = BMP Layer = Imagery SourceDir = "." SourceFile = "TJIGstart.BMP"...
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    Still in development?

    Just asking since I havent seen allot of updates in a while. Is this tool still on the drawing board?
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    Will no decompile AFX .bgl.

    Hello, I have tried and tried. but ADE (current version) Will not open an AFX generated .bgl. (1.09). I am not sure if I need to put the file through bglcomp or something. Strange thing is it looks fine in FSX. I just can't get ADE to open it in the program. Just wanted to let you know.
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    Isla Grande X [First Development Preview]

    Isla Grande X [WIP] Hey guys, I have been working on this airport for a few days now. Considering that I have never even edited an afcad before in my life, I don't think this is too bad for just a few days of learning. trying to line up the ADE properly has been a B$^&#, however, I am...
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    Way to display background image?

    Hello, I am curious to find out how one can create an accurate airport without having a background image. You see, my home airport is 90% inaccurate in FS. Taxiways in the wrong place, aprons in the wrong place, parking spaces in the wrong place, even the control tower is in the wrong place...
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    Ground poly flickering and incorrect heading.

    Hey guys, I was finally able to import a custom poly into FSX which is an achievement for me. However, the ground poly flickers and does not have the correct heading.I plug in the exact heading I get from ADE into the makemdl 2002 tool but it still is a a few degrees off. I also get the...