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    FSX Mysterious Autogen Black Holes

    No ILS, so I disabled the VASI. That didn't do it either. In the attached screen shot, I put down a big polygon of palms to see where it's occurring. It looks like I'll just have to model those buildings where the autogen won't show. I do know that I won't have to worry about trees popping up...
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    FSX Mysterious Autogen Black Holes

    This is a screen shot of the one at the south end of the runway.
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    FSX Mysterious Autogen Black Holes

    I'm working on a photo scenery of KRNT and the area a few miles around it. There are two small areas where autogen is not showing. One is just off the south end of the runway. The other is slightly west of there. At first, I thought I'd missed the areas, but checking the Annotator, the buildings...
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    FSX Beacon Shadow is...

    I added "<NoShadow/>" to the xml and got rid of it. Now, only the pole casts a shadow. It would be nice if this option could be added to a future version of ADE.
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    FSX Beacon Shadow is...

    a beacon! The beacon was placed in ADE over a pole model. Is there a way to turn off the shadow? The option isn't available in the properties for the beacon. From what I can tell, the default FSX beacons show a shadow for the tower, but not the beacon itself.
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    FS2004 Buildings with LOD

    Yes, with FSDS though.
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    FS2004 Strange model...

    The 172 paint scheme looks like it's from FS9, so I'm assuming that we're not talking about FSX.
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    FS2004 Strange model...

    I'm not sure FSDS has a way to create a root node. Maybe it does and I've never noticed it. FSDS models done with XtoMDL do not have this problem.
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    FS2004 Strange model...

    FSDS models FS9 (makemdl) style models have a nasty habit of being lead around by their axis. Chances are the the axis for each part is controlling its location. If you assign a parent part and tie each part to it then they'll behave. The other option is to center the axis for each part by...
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    How to unlock region specific buildings?

    Take a look at this thread.
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    Are LODs broken in FSX?

    Objects compiled with the FS9 makemdl don't have an LOD problem. I'm doing a project with both versions and tried some FS9 models in FSX. The LODs worked correctly.
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    Urgent help needed

    I think you need to run it from the command prompt with the parameters.
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    AGENT causes crash

    I don't know that there is anything dumb that you can do with AGenT. It's pretty straightforward and I think it's the best FS9 autogen editor. Have you tried the scenery without autogen? Have you tried finding a specific tile that might be a problem? It could be something totally unrelated.
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    Photscenery downloads

    For US photos, you can go here. The USGS images are in UTM/NAD83 format and will need to converted to Geographic/WGS84 projection for FS. Global Mapper can handle the reprojection.
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    LOD with FSDS

    LODs do work with FSDS, but not in FSX. It's a problem with SP2, not the FSDS models. AFAIK, no LODs work in SP2. While placing objects (FSDS and default objects) with Instant Scenery I've seen them working. Restart FSX and the LODs stop working.
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    How to get Autogen trees on photo textures

    The textures are included in the photo bgl you created. Load the bgl in the annotator.
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    FSX Photo Shading Error?

    SOLVED! The areas with the blotchy shading did not have night lighting yet. Once I added the night texture the areas in shade look like they should.
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    FSX Photo Shading Error?

    I haven't seen this before and wonder if it's a "feature". I have some steep mountains in this project. Parts of them are getting this blotchy shading on the faces away from the sun. In the morning, the west face of the mountain looks like this. In the afternoon it looks like this...
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    Google Earth and SBuilderX

    I've been working on a fairly large area, with nine segments that are as large as SBuilderX and my system's memory will allow. To keep track of the areas, I draw a polygon over the completed areas, then do a 'save as' for the next area. Delete the previous photo and create a new photo map next...
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    Missing/out of position parts in FSDS

    FSDS gets confused when you move and especially rotate parts. Try moving the axis for each part to the center by holding the shift key and dragging the axis. Once you have them all centered and on the ground, the part should compile correctly.