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    XML coder needed for major developer.

    Helping someone find a XML developer for a few projects. Payment on completion of project. Apply with PM and resume of work.:) Thanks!!
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    Hopefully the answer won't make me cry.

    Hi fellas! Been getting back to groundpounding and back to my favorite subject.... Oahu 1941. Have been changing stock FSX Oahu and reverting it back to 1941. Well now I have to change the coastline. I brought in my LWM BGL from FS9 into SBuilder 2.05.... and then exported into a...
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    How does the developer community feel about ESP??

    Hi all, Just trying to gauge the community thought on ESP. I recently got access to ESP. Now first thing I went to check was of course the SDK. I found that it is a mirror of the FSX SDK. There is nothing in there that I have found yet that would prevent the use of the FSX addons...
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    For those interested in adding FSX carrier capable aircraft.

    Paul (PC-12) has gotten us some information on making aircraft with the launchbar and tailhook. Also of interest to carrier designers..... here is the link!
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    ACK! XTOMDL compilation problems

    Hi all! Running into some problems compiling. My system: Vista x32 3D Max 9 FSX Acceleration I can create the x file and view it with the DirectX viewer (Nov 2007 DirectX SDK) problem is XtoMDL.... Here is the shortcut target I am using: ( Have xtomdl.exe and modeldef.xml in the...
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    Question on attachpoints- ie. effects

    Hi all! Have a question... I created an animated anti aircraft gun position and it rotates to face the user. Now before I compiled I created two different name attachpoints with gun tracer effects. I then linked the two attachpoints individually to the gun. Now when in FS the...
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    Converting BGL with attached effect to API possible?

    Hi everyone, Completed an oil barrel with fire effect attached and compiled via BGLC. Question is can this be converted to an API and keep that effect? The barrel works fine when placing via XML but the designer I made this for is not comfortable with XML. So I am looking for...
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    BGL compilation issue for FS9

    Hi all, Having an issue compiling a battleship I am building for FS9. In GMAX using the FS2004 MakeMDL I can compile to get the MDL and XML file. However dropping the file onto the bglcomp gets me a BGL... when dropped into the Added Scenery/Scenery folder and trying to start FS9.... locks...