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  1. Paavo

    InstallFS plugin for NSIS installers

    Hi all, I just uploaded InstallFS plugin for NSIS installers. NSIS is a popular platform for scripting installation programs, and InstallFS extends it by providing functions to deal with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. At the moment, InstallFS allows to easily: -...
  2. Paavo

    FSX Windows 7 Basic scheme fix

    Hi all, I played around with fsx.exe and accidentally found a way to disable "The color scheme has been changed to Windows 7 Basic..." fallbacks on Windows 7. The fix is available here: The installer replaces your fsx.exe with a modified one...
  3. Paavo

    Beta testers for Panelmatic (FSX)

    Hi all, it's been awfully long (more than two years!) since we last met. I'm getting back into the game and I have developed Panelmatic, an utility to keep track of panels in FSX. Have you ever been annoyed by having to resize and move panels to your liking every time you fly? Have you...
  4. Paavo

    FS2002-style ground poly autogen hack

    Hi Arno, I guess I was a bit misguided. The issue is much more simple. Autogen exclusion is placed at the last reference point in the area. To remove exclusions from standard ASM file produced by MakeMDL, simply add a dummy reference point just before BGL_RETURN in name_0.asm file...
  5. Paavo

    FSX Autogen File Format

    Yes, of course you may expand the article on wiki with this information. Be aware that coordinates may actually be out of ranges stated in the document to allow placing objects overlapping cell boundaries. I also wrote AGN macros, so BGLC_9 can be used to compile AGN files from quite simple...
  6. Paavo

    FSX Autogen File Format

    Hi, I've compiled a document containing full description of Autogen file format used in FSX. The document can be found here: Please let me know of any errors. It's my first time researching a file format, after all.
  7. Paavo

    Agn (fsx)

    Discussion thread for AGN (FSX). If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  8. Paavo

    FS2002-style ground poly autogen hack

    I have my airport as a one large poly in 3ds max. I split it up into 35 parts and exported every part to a separate file, which I later combined into one. Then I compiled the source files with MakeMDL from FS2002 SDK. 1) I did not export every part to a different reference point. All parts use...
  9. Paavo

    FS2002-style ground poly autogen hack

    Hi, I'm currently working on EEPU scenery. The airport is situated diagonally and at some places trees are quite near to some parts of the apron. I use FS2002-style ground polys for custom ground textures. They are known for creating autogen-free areas around them. In FS2004 and FSX (up to SP1...
  10. Paavo

    FSX SDK & max 9 2008

    Does FSX SDK work with 3ds max 9 2008? Thanks.
  11. Paavo

    Bug in aircraft texture fallback

    Found no better place to report a bug, so here it goes. I have an FS2002 aircraft (works fine in FSX) with the following texture structure: texture.0 (full set of textures in BMP format) texture.1 (full set of textures in BMP format) texture.2 (full set of textures in BMP format)...
  12. Paavo

    I don't find this acceptable

    A week ago I tried to install a 3rd party GPS receiver that I bought last year to test some approaches I had written. The installer was so well protected that I found it easier to download a pirated copy of the GPS instead of going through all the backup CDs and searching for the activation key...
  13. Paavo

    Weathervaning seaplanes

    You can still use FS2004 models in FSX. That's how I got custom windsock to my EEVI scenery.
  14. Paavo

    Tutorial on Editing an Approach?

    Search for Jim Vile's (jvile) posts in this forum, he's the guru.
  15. Paavo


    Get yourself a controller (my Rumblepad 2 wireless was about $45 a year ago), buy a cable for TV output and off you go. I been flying those Extra 300 missions with this setup for ages, really fun thing to do, especially when friends come over.
  16. Paavo

    Tight approach turns

    Let's review the data. KRD55 is 333 deg MAG from NDB "O" and 5.5N from DME "KRD": <Waypoint lat="59 05 02.5154" lon="22 45 59.3003" waypointType="UNNAMED" magvar="-6.0" waypointRegion="EE"...
  17. Paavo

    Tight approach turns

    Hi, I'm updating some approaches and I've stumbled on a rather serious problem. As you can see from the picture, FS draws the turn from fix KRD55 to KRD54 using too large radius. All straight legs are TFs, the turn is a CF leg. Course values, as well as the positions of DME fixes, have been...
  18. Paavo

    Really am very very annoyed (OT - not FS related)

    It may be hard to separate emotions from arguments, if you are a payware developer. I, too, prefer not to descend into discussion over piracy. However, I want to remind that from utilitarian point of view, not all forms of piracy are inherently bad. In the case presented above, I fail to see any...
  19. Paavo

    Really am very very annoyed (OT - not FS related)

    But did he cause any financial loss to Autodesk? After all, he's a new father and Maya is very expensive software. If he really can't afford it, then the loss on the Autodesk's side is zero. One the other hand, Autodesk gets free (and rather effective; word of mouth is quite powerful)...
  20. Paavo

    More flexible ground layouts

    Yes, Arno has indeed listed some of the core issues. I always feel rather frustrated when members of the ACES team encourage us to use the latest SDK tools while the tools don't offer the amount of flexibility older tools and methods offer. If FSX is not a step in backwards direction, then why...