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    FSX:SE Random <Visibility> Conditions Failing

    Bill, we have a lot more than 200 visibility conditions set in our model - assuming this is in P3Dv4, you shouldn't be looking for a problem with "too many of them" at 200 or so. It's something else. Perhaps something with a skinned part?
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    FSX Blurry texture and "hick ups"

    "NoNewMessages", are you an admin in this forum? If yes, please let me know who, because I don't know you. If not, please don't assume to know what's best for our bandwidth (yes, I am an admin here). Hiding behind a screen and a keyboard sometimes causes us to be very impolite - downright...
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    Site Issues

    Gents- if you still notice any problems, please let us know - the server should now behave properly.
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    Is the Wiki offline?

    That would be when I restarted the server this morning to set up a separate PHP temp folder. :)
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    XToMDL Problems? x64 Solution!

    Sean, as a nice way to keep this thread current, would you be kind enough to consider opening the source code up for others to see? I am particularly interested in the part where XToMDL barfs when exporting MDLs for FSX with more than 65,535 vertices for a certain material... it would be...
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    Very high poly model - XToMdl limitations - A call for help.

    Bill, just to clarify: Hiding parts of a model works fine, it just has no performance gains...
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    Very high poly model - XToMdl limitations - A call for help.

    I recall having a discussion with someone at ACES about this (Adrian? I forget) and the quote was that there is no partial rendering of the model as the savings would be negated by the need to calculate shadowing anyway. Regardless of the reason though, reality is - the model is always being...
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    Help! Adding Gauges to Payware

    The simple answer is: "it's not doable in the VC". The reason is what you suspected: The model is built in 3d, so it's not just a graphical representation of a flat surface (a 2d panel gauge) which you can replace simply by changing its rectangle coordinates. It's a fully rendered three...
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    Lockheed Martin licenses Microsoft ESP platform

    Hi Tim, I sent a message a while ago to enquiries, as well as to yourself... never got any replies to either. Could you care to contact me directly at (lkalamaras) (at) (flightsimlabs) (dot) (com) ? Thanks!
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    Testing email notifcation

    double toast
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    Testing email notifcation

    test test toast
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    FSXA Gauge Delays

    Alfredo- sleep() will cause the thread to pause - if that's inside a PRE_UPDATE or a PRE_DRAW (or anywhere in the same FS thread), the entire app will seem to pause and stutter. What you need is a variable that checks time-passed, which you'll initialize when you flick the switch, and...
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    Just testing

    seven eight nine...
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    Problems at new host

    Please report back if you find otherwise, but emails and uploads are supposed to be fixed now.
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    New FSDeveloper administrator

    Jim- thanks for the warm welcome!
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    GDI+ Gauges Tutorial

    Alfredo- This is a great candidate for some learning here, especially in the use of Visual Studio debugging! I strongly recommend that you set up the gauge in debug mode and put breakpoints where the values are set - that way, you can see who is at fault for setting the values to 0.0 etc.
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    GDI+ Gauges Tutorial

    Alfredo- what do you mean "flickers and stops randomly"? What's your frame rate at that point? Lefteris
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    New FSDeveloper administrator

    Γεια σου γέροντα ;-). Thanks all, good to be here! There's going to be some interesting news, as Arno mentioned, so watch this space :).
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    Weather detection

    Hi Vitus- weather is the one area where FS could have been improved in terms of the SDK - SimConnect provides cloud density but NOT cloud precipitation, so you can't accurately receive information that would correspond to what real-world instruments do. If you want to approximate, though...
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    dll troubles

    Simon- you could try having the user install the SP2 simconnect.msi, which exists (once the SP2 SDK is installed) in Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SD\lib that should fix any SxS discrepancies (provided that FSX SP2 *has* been installed correctly). You *cannot* include this installer with...