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  1. bdf369

    Setting Origin in System Unit Setup (3DSMax)

    For what it's worth the system unit scale setting is mentioned in New Aircraft Procedures of the Modeling SDK: Thanks to the title this section is often ignored by scenery...
  2. bdf369

    Setting Origin in System Unit Setup (3DSMax)

    Gmax user here, but I think it's the same. Origin slider is just a calculator to show you the measurement resolution at the set system unit scale and a given distance from origin. Moving the slider doesn't affect anything, it's just informational. The SDK mandates 1m unit scale, presumably...
  3. bdf369

    Static Aircraft based on AI-Model

    For compatibility questions I'd ask in the SAMM forum: The user manual doesn't mention anything older than Win7.
  4. bdf369

    Looking At Making My First FSX Aircraft Addon

    I don't know much about using Blender but a few things I could point you at: 1. Check out the Blender forum here: There is a Blender2FSX toolkit for exporting your Blender model to FSX. Note the toolkit doesn't yet support Blender 2.8. 2...
  5. bdf369

    Static Aircraft based on AI-Model

    There's a tool called SAMM that does this:
  6. bdf369

    Looking for paintkit of Ivan Jurcaga's MiG-21MF

    Glad I could help dig it up. I didn't really know about this airplane but looks like it's worth checking out. :)
  7. bdf369

    Looking for paintkit of Ivan Jurcaga's MiG-21MF

    There appears to be a paintkit included with this repaint:
  8. bdf369

    GPS Glide Slope approach

    LPV approaches have vertical guidance and use GPS/WAAS. Not supported in default GPS but the RealityXP GPS supported flying coupled LPV approaches, I believe the Flight1 GPS addons do as well. AFAIK they are not considered to be "precision" approaches so you don't get ILS minimums.
  9. bdf369

    FSX:SE Removing winglets

    I think the only 744 without winglets is the 400D variant? Maybe you can find an exterior model of 400D (FAIB maybe?) and make an aircraft.cfg entry that calls up the different exterior model. Not that rebuilding all those animations (including the skin/bones for the wings) wouldn't be loads of...
  10. bdf369

    Gmax Maxscript error (FSX: SE)

    Now I'm wondering if you really do need to install the SDK service packs. Is there a MaxUtils.gup file in your FSX gamepack plugins folder?
  11. bdf369

    FSX Trying To Make A Photorealistic Scenery Of Ikaria Island

    Here's some more info on materials from the SDK: It's better to look at this in the SDK docs on your computer because the document is supposed to let you click on the menus to see what different material...
  12. bdf369

    FSX Trying To Make A Photorealistic Scenery Of Ikaria Island

    Nice progress! I haven't used Sketchup in years but I would make the tower go straight up, then scale up the top part horizontally, my guess is that would angle out the window part. To make windows, I assume what you want is to make them transparent? To do so you need to set up a different...
  13. bdf369

    FSX Trying To Make A Photorealistic Scenery Of Ikaria Island

    Hope you have fun with it. You also mentioned making realistic runways (and presumably taxiways/aprons). This is commonly done using Ground Polygons. There is a Ground Polygon editor built into ADE, or you can make them using 3D modeling software (such as Sketchup or Max) and convert to ground...
  14. bdf369

    FSX Trying To Make A Photorealistic Scenery Of Ikaria Island

    There's a wonderful set of written terrain design tutorials here:, which includes a tutorial on how to make photoreal ground textures. Photo-scenery goes into BGL files generated by the resample.exe program that is part...
  15. bdf369

    SDK Wiki installation question ( FSX:SE )

    Nope, sorry. is a maxscript that gmax runs at startup to initialize some variables needed in the gamepack. About all I can suggest is to look in the .ini files in your C:\gmax\gamepacks\FSX_GmaxGamePack folder and check whether any of the paths look incorrect. Another thing you...
  16. bdf369

    SDK Wiki installation question ( FSX:SE )

    I don't have FSX:SE, so just guessing here... Don't worry about the Wiki instructions for FSX boxed, you shouldn't need any service packs or worry about which version you have. FSX:SE is equal to FSX Deluxe plus Acceleration pack. It would help to know what you plan to do. If you're just...
  17. bdf369

    FSX:SE Now what..? (Gmax and Windows 10, new problem?)

    It's been OK for me, just tried right click this morning. I'm on Windows 10 as well and my system is up to date. I've seen right-click stop working before though, try a reboot or update your GPU driver. I use the Gmax OpenGL driver, not DirectX, I think OpenGL does a better job of maintaining...
  18. bdf369

    FSX Stair Truck

    There one in the resources section here: You can browse default FSX libraries here: However I looked and did not see any default stair truck.
  19. bdf369

    FSXA [Workarounded]Lvar depending animations on vehicle/object?

    Have you looked at SODE? It lets you inject simobjects as scenery, though it sounds like you'd be controlling the object's animations using FFX, but anyway SODE might work for you.
  20. bdf369

    FSX Property Layer on FS2002 gPolys

    Or use this recipe: You can place with SODE or use LODs to prevent flicker. I haven't seen any problems with flicker, shadows etc (but you might if you use FS9 aircraft models).