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  1. Friedolien

    .gml or .dwg into Blender?

    Hi, I got some 3D buildings from my town and I want to take them into blender. The files are in .gml or .dwg format. I already tried to convert them via ODA File Converter to .DXF to import them but that doesnt work. Blender shows the following error message. Anyone have an idea how to take...
  2. Friedolien

    Idea of how to model this sphere accurately?

    Hi, just wondering how I model this sphere within blender, just for practice. Tried lot of times and way, but can't get the figure as it should. Mixed from 5 and 6 corner faces. Any idea or help would be great (already tried to use the"ico sphere" and deleting some vertices)
  3. Friedolien

    Hannover International Airport EDDV

    Hi, back again with a small preview. After long time I opened up Blender again and forgot nearly everthing :D So I decided to model something to get familar with the tool again. I chose Hannover cause of being the nearest International Airport to me. Here are just two quick renders. I dont...
  4. Friedolien

    Steps after modeling

    Hey guys, as far as I dont hear anything from my teammate but I want to go on with our projects after a long time of exams I need some help. I modelled nearly all objects from the airport. Got also some experiences on mapping simple objects, but I dont have any clue, what steps needed after...
  5. Friedolien

    Visible Problem

    Hey guys, I got a problem (dont know if it is a question of setting or something else) In edit mode (solid mode) I can see all edges through the solid faces. Also the ambient occlusion looking wired. The are grey pixel lines on the faces. Anyone can help me. Especially the first problem is...
  6. Friedolien

    Creating Installer and Configurator

    Hey guys, I looked up for some informations, helps or guides that deals with the creating of an scenery installer. I will need an installer for a scenery (not just freeware) and may with an own gui design. Also a configurator is needed. Anyone can help me with that things? Installer needs to...
  7. Friedolien

    Blender2FSXtool failed

    Hey guys, I just got a error message after trying to export to .x and .mdl (attached in picture) I needed to reinstall win so I also needed to do the same with blender. My version is 2.78 with toolset v085. Put the 3 files in c/Blender/2.78/scripts/addons, I activated it in blender. checked...
  8. Friedolien


    Hey guys, I just want to know how to handle with company logos and banners. In our scenery we want to create textures as real as it get. This include real company logos. We know that they are under copyright. So, do we need to contact each company and ask them for using their banners in our...
  9. Friedolien


    Hey guys, I want to know where one can get a photoscnery. Paid or free, especially if one wants to sell it later. I would need a photoscnery for Ecuador. For now I just use SBuilder, but it isnt that good and one cant use it later for a payware. All tips or infos are welcome.
  10. Friedolien

    Braunschweig EDVE (relaxing project)

    Hey guys. I just need some relief from modeling all these boring hangars of Guayaquil, so I started to model my homebase airport, cause there is only a very outdated payware for it. I am just going to work on it, if I doesnt want to work with Guayaquil, so it will take a lot of time to finish...
  11. Friedolien

    FSX Groundpoly issue

    Hey guys, I got a problem and I dont know why it isnt work. I want to text my Groundpoly in FSX. Therefore I picked up my GP mesh in blender (it is faced, got a material and a texture) and exported the selection as .mdl Then I opened it up in MCX GP-wizard, entered the coordinates and chose a...
  12. Friedolien

    Static Aircraft

    Hey guys I need a B727 and a DC3 static aircraft for my scenery. Are they anywhere available, or one need to create them via blueprints? Just low polys wanted. Thx for your tips Friedo
  13. Friedolien

    Photos need for Guayaquil Intl SEGU

    Hey guys, I started Guayaquil Intl. Airport since some month. I got all refernce photos from google or anywhere I found. But there are different parts that dont look the some, so I need to know how they look like today. There arent a lot of photos available form the surrounding buildings that...
  14. Friedolien

    FSX Guayaquil Intl SEGU

    I want to reveal which airport I am designing: It is the Guayaquil International Airport in Ecuador. Here are a impression of the new terminal: I already added a text via strg+a and positioned it on the wall where it should be but how can I connect it to the cube (terminal). Strg+j or...
  15. Friedolien

    FSX First building for first project

    Hey guys, I started Scenery Design few days ago using BLENDER, maybe some weeks nevermind. Here is my first screenshot of the first building I modelled. It is far far away from beeing finished. While Im modelling, I'll try to learn all that staff. So it will take a long time. Anyone can tell...
  16. Friedolien

    FSX New to Scenery Design. Need some help

    Hey guys. After some practise in school in 3d modelling i wanted to start with some test objects for fsx. i read and watch a lot of information in the web. First question: I installed Gmax, Blender, Gimp and ADE. Do i need something more, to create a house for fsx for example. I read that...