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  1. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 Getting back corrupted files in Gmax??

    When all else fails. In Windows 7, select the corrupted gmax file, right click on properties. Give yourself administrator rights to start, then click on the Previous Versions tab. There should be backed up copies there. Its a backstep, but at least it's there. Doug
  2. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 How to caculate real world measurement based on scale drawings

    Forgive me if this is a simple question and the answer is obvious but, I am not keen with numbers and equations. Thankfully there is FSDeveloper! I am trying to figure out the actual measurement of a fuselage window, and the distance it sits back from the front wind shield in order to setup...
  3. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 ULE - Exporting animated parts ( Gmax)

    I am preparing my hierarchy for exporting. I don't want animation in the first of the "LOD" exports but the root of the animation is linked to the fuselage. How would I place my animated parts into a later export but still have it linked to the fuselage, which went out of Gmax in the first...
  4. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 Gmax ULE error..what does this mean?

    I'm attempting a new Firefly model with a few changes. These models used to compile perfectly but since I've got a new comp and reinstalled everything I now get errors from the identical files. Could anyone clarify for me? Is it really suggesting I have too many animations? The part in question...
  5. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 Installing FS9 into Win 7 64bit

    Greetings, I am about to install my FS9 onto a brand new drive, with a brand new legitimate Win7 64bit OS. I know there are many hassles with UAC ( I tried this before on another drive and FS9 always crashed) so I am seeking advice on the procedure. What do I need in place before the FS9...
  6. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 XML help please for a Supercharger

    Greetings fellas. I'm having problems with this Supercharger, I was granted permission to use this code for a 4 engine aircraft, for my single engine but I tried to reduce the entries to a single engine, and it's not functioning. Could you check it for me? I have an active light and a mod/auto...
  7. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 Capped switch function help please

    Hey guys, I have two switches in my model. A starter, and a coil boost. They are of the capped push-button type. I would like to have the cap closed as static image, then when you roll the mouse over it, the image changes to the cap lifted and the button exposed and then, you can push the...
  8. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 Hydraulic Pressure gauge

    Hi guys, boy am I ever learning alot about creating a model from scratch! I'm on the final stages of my Fairey Firefly which is the gauge construction/layout. Things are going great! I realize there are two ways to do gauges, copy from the default, or create from scratch. I've hired Steve Thomas...
  9. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 Airwrench - Need help understanding Airfile entry

    Hi Guys, I am fine tuning my Firefly, I am curious about the value for prop efficiency. All models have different numbers so it's obviously a calculated value. Does anyone know how to establish a proper value? It would help me out very much, thank you. Doug
  10. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 Engine pitch when approaching in tower view

    What controls the spike in engine pitch as the plane approaches? There must be a control for the rate of the pitch, and the distance at which it kicks in. I would love to know what to adjust so the sound of the simulated Doppler effect during a flypast in the tower POV, doesn't start as high as...
  11. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 Attaching parts post mapping

    Greetings all, I have a Gmax model nearing completion, using the ULE method. I finally got good models, but now I have to re-export them as I needed to add a part to the exterior model, two c_gear doors, which have animation. Now, I can't get a proper compile, as things are all over the place...
  12. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 What values to change?

    I have a couple issues with my Firefly wondered if someone could help me figure this out. Ctrl-E starts the engine, but then suddenly stops. Crack the throttle slightly, starts, and runs, I figure this is normal but on other aircraft the engine can be started with 0 throttle. While at a...
  13. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 CFG adjustments?

    When I rev the engine on the ground, the tailwheel lifts vertically. When I relax the throttle, the tailwheel rests properly. Does anyone know what to adjust to keep the tailwheel down? Also when I brake the plane front flips. I'd like to know what is adjusted there as well. Thanks Doug
  14. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 ACM and c_gear - animation killed

    Hi guys, I have a curious problem. I opened my model in Aircraftmanager ( ACM) to adjust some contact points and stagger the gear retraction and deploy times. Everything went great except, my tailwheel won't retract now. I've cross referenced several other models and the numbers look right, just...
  15. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 Animated Pilot

    I have a question regarding the animation of pilots. I understand Tick18 is the animation name for such things, I'm wondering how I would set that up in Gmax. I would like the head to move, I kind of like seeing the pilot's head turn in the direction of a bank. Other than that joystick...
  16. Deltasierra2004

    Material Editor - Specular Highlights

    Does anyone have an opinion of the best values to represent a believable shine on the fuselage? What about dulling down tires, but giving them a slight reflection? Thanks. Doug
  17. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 Gmax asset browser - please help

    I've called up the asset browser by accident. I don't want it. It's locked overtop of my project viewport, and I can't get it closed. No file/close button, or x button. ????? Therefore I can't continue working. The project saves with the browser window up front. Very annoying. Can anybody help...
  18. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 Makemdl Partnames

    I've run out of options for animated part names according to the chart in the MakeMdl.SDK. There are parts on my model which don't have a name ( can't be animated?) according to the chart I read I can create some xml coding in order to animate parts not listed on this chart. Can anyone...
  19. Deltasierra2004

    FS2004 Unlimited Export Success!!

    Greeting Gents. I'm happy to say The Unlimited Export has worked for me!! I started to develop this Firefly nearly 2 years ago with almost no knowledge of Gmax, Makemdl, Lithunwrap. Coming through all of that with some very gracious assistance from Milton Shupe, I stumbled upon Bill Ortis...