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  1. Mitch

    [Solved]Something destroying my night textures

    While making a nighttime photoreal for KMKT, I took the original daytime BMP, opened it in DXTBMP, sent it to, darkened it, refreshed it in DXTBMP, then saved it as an extended bitmap. What resulted was this: This really has thrown me for a loop... it doesn't even look dark, for god's...
  2. Mitch

    FSX [Solved] Nighttime photoreal with .bgl file?

    I'd like to be able to make night photoreal for a certain airport; I've read how to do it all, I just need to know how to make a raw image file into a BGL or take the image out of the existing bgl and recompile it. I have an image made by SBuilderX ready to go for the first option. Ideas?
  3. Mitch

    FSX PAPI Light Spacing

    At Mankato Regional Airport Runway 22, the PAPI lights are a little closer together than FSX thinks they should be. In the picture, the circles are the papi01 objects, and they are placed where the PAPIs are in the photoreal (and IRL). As you can see, FSX Thinks they should be farther apart. Can...
  4. Mitch

    FSX More textures for custom ground polys?

    I'm making a scenery for Wittman Regional airport, KOSH. On runway 36, there are some different colored dots marking where aircraft should land during EAA AirVenture. However, by default, ADE does not contain any of the color textures needed for the dots (at least in the ground poly edit menu)...
  5. Mitch

    FSX ADE - Threshold stripes swallowing my runway numbers!

    So many sceneries I've made have been screwed over by the following property of threshold stripes when edited in ADE. The runway number is drowned in surrounding threshold stripes! This is extremely annoying to me, especially when I never come across this in any Real Life airport I'm trying to...
  6. Mitch

    FSX [Solved] Stuck on "Preparing to Install"

    So, I recently did a refresh of my FSX install, which included un/reinstalling accel and uninstalling SDK. I have FSX Accel. I installed the RTM first, then the SP1a SDK, both successfully. Now, when I try to install the Accel one (Accel disk, SDK folder), it gets infinitely stuck on "Preparing...
  7. Mitch

    Compile Request

    My SDK isn't working right now, guys. I've done everything up to the point of installing the Accel. SDK, then it gets stuck on "Preparing to Install" indefinitely. While I try to fix it, can someone please compile this scenery for me and send me the BGLs? Thank you much!
  8. Mitch

    FSX Default Airport Objects Disappearing!

    SOLVED! I just had to move all of the generic objects around a tiny bit and they appeared in game! Recently I decided to make an airshow scenery for KNUQ Moffett Federal Airfield. I made the scenery, compiled to AddonScenery/Scenery, went in to check it out and... all of the buildings that were...