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  1. juan30005

    P3D v4 Disordered scenery library

    Hello, can you help me please I have prepar3d v4 and installed ftx global base v1.40, ftx global verctor v1.51. Until then everything worked and it looked good but when I installed ftx openLC South America the bookstore was desrulded and the textures I gave you look very bad. what is the...
  2. juan30005

    FSX After exporting the plane is visualized from far away and fsx runs at 2fps

    EN After having exported the plane with the changes, try it in fsx, the good thing is that the texture looks much better with the reflection that you wanted, and the bad thing is that when you put the outside view / airplane (fixed) the plane is visualized from far away . also before modifying...
  3. juan30005

    help me to export to mdl

    Hi. I'm trying to improve a plane that I like but I have problems exporting it with the changes already made. You can help me to find out. Thank you hola. estoy intentando mejorar un avion que me gusta pero tengo problemas al exportarlo con los cambios ya hechos. me pueden ayudar a...