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    One model at a time and place them or whole placement in one model

    I was just wondering about scenery building. Say most scenery has many jetways and gates right. So basically, like Kuala Lumpur airport that a_a sceneries is making, it has many gates and jetways. Would it be better for me to make one gate and place them each one by one or is it better for me to...
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    FSXA SCASM Light cause Ground Poly to Flicker

    I seem to encounter a little problem when I added Runway lights using Scasm but I have no idea what I did wrong. Here are some pictures... Here is with Scasm Lights Here is without Scasm Lights Here are my details on my Ground Poly, maybe it will help Layer 8 -Photoscenery Layer 12 -Dark...
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    FSX "This is not a supported MDL file, file is of type MDL9"

    Hey everyone, I was trying to convert a bgl file from fs9 to fsx. But this is an error I get when converting only this particular taxiway light. "This is not a supported MDL file, file is of type MDL9" while the rest of the lights were ok. At first I tried batch convert, and only this...
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    Custom Ground Polygon Problem/Airport Not Flatten?

    So I was converting an old ground polygon from fs2004 to fsx. But it seems that "terrains" are everywhere eating my runway. Im sorry if I can't explain with the right terms, but I'm new in scenery building and editing. It'll be great if anyone can help me right here in the thread or give a link...
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    Removing Airport Ground Textures

    Hello everyone. I'm actually very new to scenery making/editing and but have made few projects and often came down here to find answers. I actually need help on finding how can I remove ground textures in an airport. I have no clue what it is called as I have tried searching "removing airport...