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    Static Aircraft based on AI-Model

    Hi, i would like to place static aircraft models on my airport. Beacause i didn´t found static aircraft models for the A330/40/50/80 in the internet, i thought i can use the model of AI Airplanes. The problem is then i place the AI model with MCX the gear is up and the Model is somwhere in...
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    FSX Micro-stutters after converting Ground Poly

    Hi, i converted some Ground Poly files into the fsx .bgl format, because the GP wasn´t visible in the sim before the conversion. But now my fps are sometimes low by around 10 fps for a moment and after that they are on a normal level. This is causing Micro-stutters in my sim. Is there a way to...
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    Texture Issues during importing in SketchUp

    Hi, i have a gneral question. I know how to import a BGL into Sketchup (with MCX, saving as a .dae), but when i open the .dae in SketchUp the textures, used by the Model aren´t in right place. Is there a way so solve it? Thanks for your help.