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    Making a parking spot that Ai won't use- Help ?

    As in title really. I tried using a break in the parking link, and the markings are pretty much complete for my a/c to park or start at... but it seems to break the Fuel trucks - if I call for a fuel truck it disappears. Now, i'm guessing that there a number of ways to achieve this...
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    Fuel Trucks have turned to Buses !!! Virus or Joke

    All of a sudden I have yellow buses instead of fuel trucks. Any (serious !) ideas ? :p
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    No Texture Sub-Forum ? Help requested

    Hi, Could do with a texture/graphics sub-section. But, I am looking for a list of resources covering 'tools' for manipulating and converting textures for use in FSDS / 3D Max etc. I have DXTBMP but am wondering what others are available as I especially need to batch-convert textures to...
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    Advice Sought re: Sourcing and Manipulation of Textures

    Hi All, Is it best ot use FSDS for texture application, or is their other software that is better? Is it best to use default textures, or make them yourself ? Where can you get textures, if you don't own a Hi Def camera ? If anyone can point me in the direction to learn about this...
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    Please Help With Ramplights - FLicker / Apron Lighting Issues

    Hi all, Having learned how to mip map textures, my FS9 airports are all looking very nice. Clearly, fences have to be deleted, or they flicker like mad... and no way of stopping that awful flicker. No amounts of AA or mip map settings will change that. However, one thing I can't live...
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    Objects Created in FSDS Not Being Recognised by anything - Help Please ?!!

    Doesn't matter whether I save a new object or example object from the FSDS folders, as an XML, or BGL file, or MDL, but nothing will recognise it. Instant Scenery library maker says "Not a valid format", and it won't load it as an object bgl for placement either. Any ideas ? All the paths to...
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    Basic tutorial - any recommendations ?

    Hi All, Looking for a basic Dummies Guide - type affair to FSDS. Can find lots of specialised stuff, but I don't know where to start with it. Thnx for any ideas. Would prefer videos if anyone knows of any.
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    FS9 versus FSX Scenery Design - Differences ?

    Hi all, Is there any real difference in building objects etc. for airports in FS9 or FSX ? I notice many libraries are interchangeable and many people use RWY12 stuff etc for both FS9 and FSX. But if I'm going to learn FSDS, is there anything I need to be aware of, before making...
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    Please Help Me with Airports on Hills !

    I'm sure you know what I'm on about. I have LOD set to 21 in FS9, and a bunch of airports - default/freeware and payware - are now set on little mountain plateaus. Is there any way of adjusting the terrain around them, easily and quickly to smooth it - even if not realistic. Or, do I need to...
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    Apron Lightin Without Ramplights ?

    Hello good people ! Just wondering if I can light up aprons etc. without using actual ramplights if you see what I mean. I have tried a number of different lights and most tend to flicker / shimmer especially at a distance, both in FS9 and FSX. If I could light the aprons independently...
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    Constant Refusal to Compile BGLs - Help!

    Hi all, Since installing ADe on my new FS2004 installation, I get this message every time I try to compile an airport BGL. "ScruffyDuck Scenery Design Engine Compiling Using FS9 BglComp.... INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR C1003: Failed to create MSXML object! (0x80040154) Parsing document...
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    Please Help Me Understand MDL and XML for IS2 & ADE Use

    Hi All, Using ADE for airport mods and Instant Scenery 2 for now, to place objects. Can find lots of object libraries but some are in folder with XML and MDL files. Now, do I need both these files, as IS2 only has a MDL compiler. Thnx in advance.:)
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    How Can I Add a VOR - to act as a TACAN ?

    Hi All, Wanting to get the new Hawk from Skysim. The RAF bases in FSx have DME that is registered in the TACAN radio of the Hawk...but the needle does not point at it. Apparently this due to the FSX insides. But, a workaround is to place a VOR where the DME is located and this does...
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    Converting a BGL to ADE Caused Out of Memory Crash

    Hi, downloaded the enclosed scenery and converted the main EGOV AFCAD to ADE format. Then compiled it and when I try to load a flight at EGOV - Out of Memory error. Never had this before and the original BGL works fine - for some reason ADE corrupts it...or is it that the resulting ADE...
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    St Maarten Runway Links - Can Anyone Explain This ?

    Hi, Wondered if anyone could explain the function that this runway end linkage structure has ? Thnx in advance - learning a lot...8-)
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    How Do I Ensure Smooth Taxi Flow

    Hi There, I attach a screenie to show how I have guessed at the best way to ensure that aircraft give way to each other - is this correct ? Thnx
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    Problem with Adding Designator to Paths

    Hi, When I create 'taxipaths, even over aprons, I am able to give designators to the paths. But, if I use Apron paths to create the links, I can't. Is there a reason for this and is there any way around it ? Thnx
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    ?Can I Use Apron Links for Fuel Paths ?

    Up to know I've used vehicle links as the surface has matched the underlying aprons...quick question, to save me having to configure surface etc. will the fuel/vehicle system still work okay if I use Apron links for some of the connections ? Thnx
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    Do you have a version that works with FS9 ?

    Or is it exclusively for FSX.? Thnx
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    Question re Using Other People's ADE Files

    Hi, Lovely day. So if you import someone else's ADE that when you need to use the "Load Stock Data" function ? Or, is it best to load someone else's BGL file created with ADE? Thnx