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    FSX Terrain or Texture Issue?

    I'm no developer by any means, but I am looking for a little help with an issue that I'm having after purchasing a FSX scenery add-on. About a week ago I had purchased Moscow City X and added it to my small collection of scenery add-on's in FSX. At first everything appeared to work fine, but...
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    FSX Disc 1 for SDK

    Hello, I've been reading the install for the FSX SDK, but every time I try to access the SDK folder in Disc 1 my disc drive sounds like a cheap steam locomotive and will not open the SDK folder. HELP!!!
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    ADE Errors when adding ILS

    Hey, guys, I have just added an ILS system to my new airport and I receive errors when compiling it into FSX. The error says that there is an unnamed waypoint, but I have no idea where that is or even if it's the actual reason for the error. Here is the error message: ScruffyDuck Scenery...
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    SAMM2 Doesn't locate aircraft

    Hi, everyone. I am a first time user of SAMM2.1 and I had a question for you. When I open SAMM2, I can only navigate to C:/Program Files (86):/Microsoft Games:/Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and when I get there, there are no other folders to choose from and no aircraft, with the exception of...
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    Relocating the "Gizmo" for animation?

    Hey everyone! Nice to be here. I just had a few questions about animation and I hope that you can help me. First of all, can you comtrol the animation of an object (Hangar Door) from inside the cockpit of your aircraft? What I'm trying to do is make the Bifold doors on my hangar operate but I...