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    Length of startup sounds.

    Is it possible to adjust the length of time it takes for the engine startup, possibly by adjusting the length of the sound file? cheers, nick
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    Controlling N1 speeds

    Hi all, On the real aircraft the computer controls the engines N1 speed to not exceed an N1 bug on the speed gauge. The speed bug is auto set according to conditions. So if you push the throttles to full, the N1 speed is restricted to the bug, and pulling the throttles back allows the engines...
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    Concorde animations in FSX

    I have an FS9 aircraft that uses concorde visor for certain animations, but will not move in FSX. Yet there are XML gauge functions for concorde nose and visor. cheers, nick
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    Hi, cannot get this to work. If I remove common textures they just don't show. They are bmp textures. cheers, nick Apparently it does work if the textures are dds extensions. Mine are bmp. nick
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    I have an XML Avidyne and XML G1000 set of gauges that for a very small number of people cause CTD's. Usually these people have ATI cards and/ or strange mixes of memory sticks, as opposed to matched pairs. I now have a guy with a matched pair and a nVidia card. I and our beta testers do...