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  1. wbunnell

    Helicopter Takeoff.

    I am trying to launch Helicopters in a short distance as, possible. Using the Army CH-47, and the Army AH-64 by Nick Black, I get immediate, takeoff; it rises off the ground prior to takeoff, and then rises higher, going down the runway. When I use the UH-60, it rolls down the Runway like an...
  2. wbunnell

    Changing Parking Codes.

    Fs9 I am trying to change parking codes in the aircraft.bgl, with no luck. Using the AI Helicopter, in the Fort Hood \Gray AAF package, they specify a parking Code of 21N, for there Helicopters. That seems to work ok, if I change the parking code to 22n, in Afcad and in the Aircraft.cfg folder...
  3. wbunnell

    Program used to read "Static Aircraft.mdl Maker.pdf

    Downloaded Can’t find any instructions on how to use. I have downloaded a File called “Static Aircraft.mdl Maker.pdf”, I have used Notepad, WordPad, Excel to read this file. All I get is a Asian language of some sort. Can’t read it! I was hoping that that was the magic file that...
  4. wbunnell

    Individual Aircraft Sizing.

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    FS9 not showing in ADE.

  7. wbunnell

    SAMM only opens five folders in C: drive

    Haven’t used SAMM for a while, loaded SAMM got new Update SAMM 2106. Updated SAMM. Trying to load aircraft from FS9, SAMM shows C: Drive, is where my FS is located, but only has the first five folders listed, then it shows K: drive unopened. I are doing what wrong?? When all else fails, Run...
  8. wbunnell

    Offutt Fire Station in FS 9 Scenery Stock files, somehow!

    With all files removed from the Addon Scenery\Scenery folder, I still getting an Offutt AFB Fire Station showing up in Flight Simulator 9. Somewhere in my Flight Simulator files there is a Offutt AFB Fire Station, where I have no idea. There is no other file I can find for its location...
  9. wbunnell

    Padlocks on File or file not showing.

    Installing scenery items to airports, using Instant Scenery, items visible, in Flight Simulator 9, not showing in Addon Scenery\Scenery folder. Had this happen once before, removed all Scenery from folder, one folder appeared, with padlock attached, removed padlock; file appeared when all...
  10. wbunnell


    Dell Computer Vestro 270 Windows 7 64-bit system Intel core i3-3220Processor 4.00 GB memory Now this is getting weird, cannot get SBuilder to work, first it tells me, runtime error, comdlg32.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. Corrected...
  11. wbunnell

    COMDLG32.ocx Problem

    Dell Computer Vestro 270 Windows 7 64-bit system Intel core i3-3220Processor 4.00 GB memory Apparently running Flight Simulator 9, on Windows 7, is a whole new ball game. With prior Systems, you could put “COMDLG32.OCX in the system 32 or/and SYSWOW64 folder, and you could run...
  12. wbunnell

    Different Levels on Airports

    Using SBuilder, to set the background for any airport, I get different elevations for the Main airfield, and the runway, and taxiways. Setting the main airfield at 9 meters, 29.5 feet, runway at the same elevation. When I open the airport in Flight Simulator 9, the taxiways and the runways are...
  13. wbunnell

    Shorter take off spacing .

    Is there a way to get decrease Aircraft, spacing when taking off? With three Aircraft taking off at 03:00, there is a delay of about a minute or longer, from #1 Aircraft taking off to #2 Aircraft getting clearance to take off etc. Is there a way to get the spacing closer?
  14. wbunnell

    No Show FS9/FSX screen

    String Bean advised me to install My Flight simulators off of “Program Files” Being an X military I did just that. They are now installed in C:\FLIGHT SIMULATORS. Surprisingly Little or no Problems. So Far, give me time!!! No Show FS9/FSX screen, goes directly to FSX I have Downloaded ADE...
  15. wbunnell

    Changing Administrator “Windows 7”

    Using Administrator setting, to save airport files, with ADE format, from FS9 Afcad to FSX Scenery, when I hit save. I get a message saying, “I don’t have permission to save in this location, contact administrator to obtain Permission. Would you like to save in another folder”. If I hit no, it...
  16. wbunnell

    Changing Path for ADE

    Moved FSX from C: drive, to M: drive. For more room on C: drive. Changed FSX path from C: Drive to M: Drive, that end works ok. Question is "How do I change the path for ADE to go to M: Drive"?? Highlighting the properties for ADE, doesn't show a path that can be Changed.
  17. wbunnell

    Traffic Write Protected.

    My System: "Vista,(x86) System Flight Simulator 9" FS9 trying to check aircraft at airport, ttools keeps gives me a "ERROR; Unable to delete old traffic file, "C:\x\x\x\x\x\Scenery\Traffic0 is write protected" "User Account" have turned it on and off, with no change. Went to the...