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    Batch converting textures

    I am trying to batch covert some textures from BMP to DDS to use with P3DV2. I have set up the wizard as per the manual (although it is portrayed slightly differently). When I select process I do not get any textures appearing in the output folder. What am I doing wrong here.
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    FS9 objects in P3D

    I have been trying to install some locally produced FSX scenery into P3DV2.3 however some objects do not appear. I believe that this is due to some of the objects being FS9 objects. What exactly prevents them being displayed? If this is so is there anyway that these objects can be...
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    FS2004 Connect error

    Just wondering what would cause this error when trying to connect to sim:
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    FS2004 Airways and Waypoint definitions

    I am trying to update the default nav data base for NZ which is well and truly out of date. I have found the BGL file in Scenery/Ocen/scenery that is responsible for storing this data. I have also created a BGL file that contains all the waypoints within NZ. When I construct the new airways...
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    Full approach Transition - Leg types

    It always seems to be a battle to get a full approach transition (From overhead then a tear drop back onto finals) to work correctly. I have tried all sorts of things such as using a CD or FD leg outbound and then a DF or TF leg type to the first waypoint inbound on the approach with less than...
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    ADE using NDB and not VOR

    I have noticed at a few airports that despite a leg type using a VOR the NDB is used instead. Is there a way to correct this? Here is an example of the deafult aaproach at NZHN in New Zealand. This is in FSX.
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    Mindstar Garmin 1000

    Do you know if there are any issues with GPS approaches with the Mindstar add on. I get quite bizarre results. Everything looks fine in ADE and also on the default FSX GPS but not with this unit. I do not get ARCs drawn. Holding patterns don't follow the magenta pattern and just do an orbit. I...
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    Turning on finals

    Turning onto finals I am constructing an RNAV approach that only has a 5 nm final segment. The IF is XELAN and from there it is a 5 mile leg to the start of the missed approach at MA248. There are two transitions which have legs of 4 miles each and intersect at XELAN to form a 60 degree turn...
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    FSX Approach leg tracks

    I have noticed that some leg types appear as a true track on the GPS flight plan page and some as a magnetic track. Despite constructing as magnetic. For example the TF and DF legs are nearly always true and the CF and HM tracks are magnetic. The odd thing is that the actual track displays as...
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    Assistance with approach

    Thought I had posted this already but if I had it's disappeared. I am having issues with the left turn after the missed approach passing altitude of 750 ft. I had a CA leg to 750 ft and then a DF to an abeam fix (MA01 and later MA02) to assist with the turn but I get an odd draw in the FSX GPS...
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    Updating approaches

    I am not sure if this is the correct forum for discussing this but there does not appear to be a dedicated forum for handling approach coding and compiling. I am attempting to progressively update many of the Instrument approaches within New Zealand. Many airfields now have RNAV approaches and...
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    Error when selecting new approach

    When I try to start making a new approach I get the following dialogue box. The program closes shortly after. Any ideas as to why this is appearing?
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    Approach naming

    I am just wondering if it is possible to name an approach without an associated runway. There are many RNAV approaches now that do not have a runway associated with it as they are a circling procedure. Is it possible to call an approach RNAV UNIFORM or RNAV U without specifing the runway. I...
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    Which AFCAD?

    In my quest to add GPS approaches to some New Zealand airfields I have struck a number of problems, most of which have been resolved thanks to this forum. One issue I currently have is that different sceneries have different runway positions. Not such a biggy for NDB or VOR approaches as they...
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    Approach Code

    I have just rekindled an interest in making up approaches for a few New Zealand airports that do not have default ones available in FS9. 1. Jim very kindly sent me some leg definitions a few years ago when I first started out dabbling in this and together with the SDK literature I can work...