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    FSX Airplanes problem

    Hello All Can someone please tell me, why my panel's look like this please see my attachment:confused:. Most of my airplanes are look like that. And most of airplanes paint are gone. Hope to hear from someone, thank you very much:o Regard Erik
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    Textures to FSX

    I have lot of *.bmp files - pictures of any rocks and grasses. My question is: How can i generate *.bmp-files and insert GUID? Then use it for TAGS,GUID? Thank you very much hope to hear from you soon. Best regard Erik Schmidt Andersen
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    FSX - Global Mapper - Geotiff, DEM-file

    :rolleyes: I have created Geotiff of Frederikshab/Greenland from Global Mapper for FSX and Exported to DEM-file. But I have a problem to convert the DEM-file to (BGL), how do i do that ? Thank you very much. Regards Erik