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    Place dsd_xml_config.ini into panel folder ?

    Hello all (and Doug in particular ;) ), -> Is it possible to specify relative paths (referring to the folder containing dsd_xml_config.gau) for the .ini file of dsd_xml_config ? I want to place dsd_xml_config.gau and dsd_xml_config.ini into an aircraft's "panel" folder. However, I want...
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    Keep popup window open in VC

    Hello, hope you can help me. I'd like to keep a popup window in the Vc open after cycling through views or more exactly keep it in the state it had been before cycling out of the VC when returning back to it: open if it was open, closed if it was closed. The type=special panel.cfg command...
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    FS2004 How to "activate"/"deactivate" mouse click areas

    Hello, I want to create a status panel with several pages for an aircraft. This is an xml gauge that displays aircraft parameters as text elements on a black background, and allows to change some parameters by mouse clickspots. I believe I can define which page/elements to display with...
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    FSX Help ! Element not visible though <Visible> seems 1

    Hello, I'm driving nuts here and really hope somebody can help me. ;) I've run into the following problem and I have been hitting my head for many, many, many hours (days...) now: - In some instances a <text> element seems not to be displayed as defined by the <Visible> tag inside the...
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    Convert Google Earth polyline into flight plan

    Is there any tool that allows to convert a Google Earth polyline (kml) into a FS9 and/or FSX flight plan ? I'm doing a lot of my flight planning in GE, and it would be great to be able to load the created courses as flight plan into FS. Thanks.
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    Does dsd_supercharger.gau by Doug Dawson work in FSX?

    Does dsd_supercharger.gau by Doug Dawson work in FSX? I've stumbled across it in Tom Kohler's Doug, in case you read this, I've said it already, but I'll say it again. I believe it would be great to have your work either all together in one place, or at least all gauges...
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    Just a test

    Just testing - can't postmessages in forum. Edit: Found what was wrong; Seems the message editor does not accept the word "x_replace" in a message under some circumstances... (Note I had to put an "x_" before the r-word for the message to pass.) In other circumstances the r-word goes...
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    Open source C/C++ gauges?

    Hello, I'm thinking about diving into C/C++ gauges. I'm still doubtful whether I'll ever manage to understand C/C++ at all. Practical examples to look at would be of great help though. * Is there a site somewhere with open source C or C++ FS gauges? To be able to look at some practical...
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    FS2004 Address engine dependent parameters by a macro

    XML Address engine dependent parameters by a macro Hi, I'm stuck with some code, hope you can help. What I want to do: Loop through some code and run the code each time for another engine. Problem is that I have to address many different engine-dependent A: parameters, e.g (A:GENERAL ENG...
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    Update_When_Hidden in fs9

    Hello, I'm new to gauge development and here. Hope you can help me. I have been working on a generic gauge for fs2004 simulating engine damage for some time now, and need some help to put the finishing touches. 1. Is there a way to start gauge execution without pulling it up in fs2004...