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    FSX Autogen annotator - minimum building size?

    I've been using the Autogen Annotator tool for a while but after reinstalling everything on my PC, it still works but when drawing the annotation over my photoreal scenery (drawing a building) when I complete the annotation, it disappears and only remains if its of a specific size. Is there a...
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    FSX Editing airports covered by ORBX

    Hi, I've become quite good at using ADE to edit default FSX airports so I am competent with the tool. However, I added an apron and hangar with ramp and taxi point etc to S30 (Lebanon State - link here to download: and it all...
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    FSX Library objects not displaying

    Hi everyone, I've recently (3 days ago) started to develop scenery for select small areas for use within FSX. I have developed some photo-real scenery with autogen items for Fresno, California. I have done this using SbuilderX and the autogen annotator tool from the FSX SDK. My problem is that...