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  1. Henry Street

    P3D v4 Sceneries causing CTD

    I have several sceneries from SkyDesigners representing French military airbases. All of the sceneries work fine in FSX-SE and P3Dv3. The sceneries are all very texture intensive with hundreds of 4K textures. None of the sceneries use SODE or have any dlls associated with them. Of the 6...
  2. Henry Street

    What version of AFLT should I be using?

    I will be creating arrays for FSX and P3Dv3 using effects for the lights. Thanks! Henry
  3. Henry Street

    FSXA Object transparency problem

    I created some target objects in Sketchup for a target range scenery. The background is set to 5% opacity in Sketchup. The .dds texture is a DXT3 in the final converted object. It appears to be generally transparent in that the ground photoscenery is showing thru. However, the autogen...
  4. Henry Street

    FSXA newly started unhandled exception

    I have been using MDX fine for several months on my Windows 7 development computer but had taken a break for a couple weeks. Now when I open it, the blue background does not appear and I get "unhandled exception" error. see attachments. Tried 3 different versions of MDX including the latest...
  5. Henry Street

    Having trouble with PCL

    I am generating an array with the intent of operating it with pilot control lighting effects, specifically the ADF radio. The generation of the array and the library are happening without error. I am updating my scenery folder with the new bgl files. However the lights are on, even when the...
  6. Henry Street

    FSXA Importing Ground Poly bgl files into ADE?

    I've created some ground polys using Sketchup and ModelConverterX output to a bgl file. I'm seeing ground poly import in ADE but it is only .asm files. The "import BGL" function is not importing the ground polys (or at least they are not visible in FSX). Any process suggestions for me to get...
  7. Henry Street

    FSXA Export approaches and import into another airport

    I've seen some info about this for FS9 but did not find anything for FSX. I am working on an airport project and a friend is doing the approaches. Is there a way to export the approaches out of his copy of the file and import into my copy? This way, we do not have to wait on each other. Thanks...
  8. Henry Street

    FSXA Mag vs True RWY bearing anomoly in add on airport

    I recently purchased an add on scenery airport that has a runway 05. Using FSX to set me at the runway, the HSI shows bearing 039. When I look at the runway in GPS of the airplane, it is straight up and 039. Opening the addon airport in AFX shows the true bearing of the runway 045 with mag...
  9. Henry Street

    FSXA Having some mipmaps confusion

    I have been using DXT1 with mipmaps for all my custom building textures. However, it seems like the textures display sharper in the sim when the textures have the mipmaps removed. Is this normal? Anything that can be done to improve the close range viewing? Thanks, as always. Henry
  10. Henry Street

    FSXA A newbie mistake

    After making over 2 dozen scenery objects into individual BGL files, I am seeing the wisdom of creating an object library. My hesitation is that I would rather not have to recompile all the objects into MDL files. Thinking I can create a batch file with BGL2XML, decompile the MDL files and...
  11. Henry Street

    Using Sketchup/MCX with default FSX textures

    As the title suggests, I am using Sketchup and ModelConverterX to create buildings for my scenery project. Several of the default FSX textures (hangars mostly) would be fine to use on the objects. Is there a way I can use the FSX textures without copying/modifying them? Thanks for all the...
  12. Henry Street

    FSXA Seasonal textures

    I am trying to incorporate some seasonal textures into my scenery objects. I was looking at another scenery and saw the textures labeled with a "season" suffix. Is this all one has to do to get seasonal texture effects? Or is there more work in the xml/bgl file? Thanks Henry
  13. Henry Street

    Error generating texture

    Generating a new model set (after generating an array) is giving me an unhandled exception error. The model bgls are generating but the error appears to be when generating the texture files. I have been able to use a previous version of the textures with no problem. I am using AFLT v1.0.02...
  14. Henry Street

    FSXA airport_buildings_ap.bgl

    I have acquired this object library thru the download of a freeware airport set. It seems to be a popular inclusion in many freeware sceneries. It has several nice airport buildings that I would like include in my scenery project. What is it's origins? To whom do I have to ask permission to...
  15. Henry Street

    Great tool and a question about ALSF-2

    Thanks for this wonderful, handy utility! I am new to scenery design and it is enabling me to do some very advanced lighting with minimal learning curve. So my question is about generating an ALSF-2 array. The airport I am working on is KNLC NAS Lemoore. It clearly has 20 strobes based on...