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    Tanspartent window texture in FSX (GMAX)

    Hi all! I am currently working on some scenery for FSX. I am a bit stuck on transparent windows for cars, buildings and the tower windows. The transparency of those objects play a big part in my scenery so I need a little tutorial telling my how to create transparent textures. I use Paint...
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    FSX Special Effects Creation

    Hi all, I was just looking through the FSX SDK documentation and came across a FX creation tool. I looked through the information it gave you about the forest fire, followed every instruction and opened up the simulator to see a spectacualar forest fire. To my dissapointment, nothing was...
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    Converting FSX Planner XML to FSX BGL

    Hi, I have designed an airport in FSX Planner and saved it as an XML file but how do i convert it to a BGL File? Steve