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  1. arno

    Seasonal textures in MCX

    At the moment the Ground Polygon Wizard in MCX only supports seasonal textures when you export using the FS2002 style code. But inspired by this thread on FSDeveloper I have started now to add support for seasonal textures to P3D v4 MDL files as well. I have some success already with using...
  2. arno

    Website stability?

    I'm monitoring the up and down time of FSDeveloper and recently I get many emails about (short) downtimes. Personally I never notice them when I try to visit the site, but do some of you encounter issues with availability of the website? Or would the uptime checker just be a bit flaky?
  3. arno

    Editing animations and transformations

    The latest development release of ModelConverterX adds new functionalities to the hierarchy editor. With them you can edit animations and transformations in your model and add new animations and transformations as well. In this video tutorial I demonstrate how it works: I hope this new...
  4. arno

    Editing animations from hierarchy editor

    Hi all, Just want to announce that I have started updating the hierarchy editor so that you can also edit the animation keys in it now. It's not yet in the development release, I'm still working on it. Add the moment you can edit the values of the keys, add new keys and delete keys. I still...
  5. arno

    Condition variable options

    Many scenery and aircraft objects contain some conditional code. For example a bit of the object that is only shown when certain conditions are met. To be able to process such conditions on import of pre-FSX objects MCX needs to know what the value of the variables in these conditions is. So...
  6. arno

    Netherlands historical scenery

    It's time to announce a side project I have been working on recently. I'm trying to create a historical scenery for the Netherlands. My aim is to represent the country at the end of the 1930's. This project probably won't go very fast, since I only work on it when I'm not busy with developing...
  7. arno

    Landclass semi-transparent?

    Hi, I'm trying to modify some landclass with SBuilderX. But as soon as I place the landclass tile in SBuilderX, I can't see my background map anymore. Is there any setting to make the landclass show semi transparent so that I can still see my background map? That would make editing a bit easier...
  8. arno

    Big thanks to the community!

    Hi all, I would like to publicly thank all community members that have supported FSDeveloper financially over the last year. We have recently paid for the forum software and webhosting for this year and given all the support we received from the community over the last year, it was luckily easy...
  9. arno

    Autogen texture artist

    Hi all, For an autogen project I'm working on I am looking for a texture artist that can help to create custom building and roof textures for the autogen. This project is planned to be commercial, so you will be paid for the work. Just send me a PM if you are interested or want more...
  10. arno

    Forum software update

    Hi all, I have just installed the latest patches for the forum software we use. The update seems to went smoothly, but if there are any issues, please let me know. I'll also update the Tapatalk plugin to the latest version shortly.
  11. arno

    I'm working on other... (2019)

    The idea of this thread is that you can use it to announce that you are working on another type of addon, which is not a scenery or aircraft. Just to let other developers know that it is in development. That way hopefully we won't work on the same addons without knowing it. If you want to show...
  12. arno

    I'm working on aircraft... (2019)

    The idea of this thread is that you can use it to announce that you are working on an aircraft. Just to let other developers know that this aircraft or livery is in development. That way hopefully we won't work on the same addons without knowing it. If you want to show the work in progress of...
  13. arno

    I'm working on scenery... (2019)

    The idea of this thread is that you can use it to announce that you are working on a scenery. Just to let other developers know that an airport, city or region is in development. That way hopefully we won't work on the same addons without knowing it. If you want to show the work in progress of...
  14. arno

    Event and marker animations

    Hi, While debugging an MCX error report, I noticed that besides Vector and Quaternion, you can now also have an Event and Marker animation type. But in the SDK I could not find a lot about them. Did I maybe look at the wrong location or can somebody tell me what these are used for?
  15. arno

    Prepar3D v4.4 PBR materials

    I know I haven’t posted on this blog for a while, but it’s time for an announcement that needs to be here on this blog as well. The development release of ModelConverterX does include support for the new Prepar3D v4.4 PBR materials. This means that MCX can now: Read the material settings from...
  16. arno

    P3D v4.4 MDL support

    Hi all, I'm working on supporting P3D v4.4 MDL files. They have the added PBR materials. I have also noticed that the MDL files have a new header, so they are probably not backwards compatible. Now my question is should I make a difference between v4 and v4.4 MDL files when exporting from MCX...
  17. arno

    FSW Drop FSW support?

    Are there still people using MCX with FSW? Given that P3D v4.4 also adds PBR support, I am considering to drop the FSW support and their PBR implementation. Because having both ways of doing PBR in the material editor might become confusing. I assume that given that FSW was cancelled and their...
  18. arno

    The joy of understanding the MDL format

    It's probably just me, but I'm having a lot of fun now that the P3D v4.4 update with PBR has been released. That means I can start to hunt in the MDL format again to see where all the information is stored :) A while ago with the previous material additions of P3D and FSW I made a little...
  19. arno

    Attachpoint and LOD

    Hi all, Can attachpoints be placed at a specific LOD or do they always apply to each LOD? I can't seem to get them stick on one LOD only, but I remember reading in the past it could be done.
  20. arno

    FSDeveloper and GDPR

    Most of you have probably heard that in a few days a new data protection law, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in the European Union will be applied. To be prepared for this law we have made sure FSDeveloper also has a written privacy policy, you can find it here...