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    FSXA Animation Activation, Anyone?

    Hi, I have several aircraft that, when the MDL is viewed in MCX, show various animations. In the documentation there is no reference (or incorrect) as to what it takes to activate. Is there any way to determine this with an available program? Jim F.
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    FSX de Havilland DH-89a interior MDL view problem

    Hi, (Couldn't figure how to post/preview images here) I was using MCX to check the interior MDL of the Dragon Rapide ( but wasn't able to locate the view within the cabin. As I would zoom in the aircraft would tend to leave the viewing area. Rotating the view wouldn't result in any...
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    Reducing glass tint when in model

    Hi, Probably a specific forum would be more appropriate but I couldn't determine which. I have several aircraft that I like that have window tint that's too dark and this really spoils the simulation. In the real world my eyes adapt to tinted glass. Unfortunately my computer doesn't have this...
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    FSXA Identifying Parking spot

    Hi, I'd like to eliminate the need for progressive taxi to get to an assigned parking spot. As a first step I need to know the number of the parking spot. Using APChart allows me to identify the physical location. A simple gauge to display the number seems pretty easy. Any...
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    FSX Gauge to identify assigned parking spot number

    Hi, I find that having to use progressive taxiing to locate where ATC wants me to park annoying. I use Apchart which graphically displays the parking location numbers. A gauge that displayed the number would completely eliminate the need for progressive taxiing. I don't know if parking spots...
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    Autogen Annotater

    Hi, In the SDK Autogen Setup section there's a line that says "To use the tool, make sure the file default.xml is in the same folder as Annotator.exe. The default.xml file is in the Flight Simulator X/Autogen folder." By default it is not. Nothing more is said about how to address the...
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    FSXA Factors affecting autopilot turn rate

    Hi, Assuming an aircraft with fixed characteristics such as size and weight; what factors in either the .air or aircraft.cfg files have the most effect on the turn rate while using autopilot? Jim F.
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    Virtual cockpit night ambient lighting brightness

    Hi, While checking the SDK panel configuration section I came across the [color] section. It seems that the properties for "Night=" effects the apparent VC night lighting brightness. I have several aircraft in which the VC itself (not the gauges per se) seems overly bright at night with the...
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    Black glass fix for Fletcher FU24-954

    Hi, I have a problem with black side window glass in the Fletcher FU24-954. the filename is and it can be found here: It's claimed that this aircraft is compatible with Acceleration but my side windows show as black...
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    Removing or minimizing prop strobe effect?

    Hi, As "prop strobing" is an artifact which is produced when a recording is made and not what normally would be perceived by the eye, I would like to remove or minimize this effect as much as possible from existing aircraft simulations. Is this possible? If so any suggestions as to how this...
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    Overspeed and overstressed crash

    Hi, I'm curious as to what values determine when a model is overspeed and crashes due to overstress. Other than speed, of course. Appreciate any info anyone could provide. Thanks, Jim F.
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    FSX Taxiway illumination

    Hi, What is required for an aircraft to produce the effect of taxiway illumination? I came across an aircraft (Cessna T-37) that displays a taxi light in the nose but the taxiway doesn't display as being illuminated. I don't know if this has to be built into the model or it's an effect that...
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    SDK Contact point reference

    Hi, I've been referring to the SDK in order to develop an understanding of the aircraft.cfg file. I came across this quote in the [contact_points] section: "When importing an aircraft that does not contain this set of data, the program will generate the data from the .air file the first time...
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    FSX Replacements for FS98 Gauges

    Hi, I have some older aircraft that I'd like to use, but FSX whines about it having FS98 gauges. It's fairly easy to replace some of the gauges with modern ones just by noting the whines, looking at Panel.cfg and editing it to point to a current gauge. The problem I've had is identifying...
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    Image thumbnail test

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    FSX Scenery Objects Location

    Hi, Referring to the SDK and the Terrain Base File Information section makes it fairly easy to locate the appropriate Base file of a location from the Lat and Lon but I'm having problems identifying any specific object. If its on an airport that's most of the battle but off-airport objects...
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    FSXA Seeing fire effects

    Hi, I've installed several BGLs which contain information to display fires. The files were from the Nor-Cal Prop Club site ( -free registration required). I installed the BGLs and effects per the instructions without any...
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    FSX Virtual Cockpit current Zoom, X, Y, Z, P, B, H, values

    Hi, I'd like to add some virtual cockpit camera definitions to an aircraft.cfg and would like to know if anyone knows of a way to determine the current view values. I've added cameras previously but did it by creating a spreadsheet with the zoom, x, y, z, p, b, and h values. The initial value...
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    Counter Triggers and Count Actions

    Hi, I've tried to incorporate Counter Triggers and Count Actions into a mission that I'm developing but I'm having problems. After landing at an airport I want to either give instructions to go on or fail the mission depending on the time taken. I came across a reply to a post from April...
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    Deactivating an activated trigger.

    Hi, Once a Trigger has been Activated via an ObjectActivationAction, is it possible to deactivate that trigger prior to satisfying the conditions that it's monitoring? I wanted a sucessful airport landing to activate a landing trigger at the next airport which in turn would activate...