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  1. MagMexico

    Quetzalcoatl International Airport México - MMNL

    Hello friends! Another airport for México, now it's Nuevo Laredo México.
  2. MagMexico

    P3D v4 KBTR Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport

    Hello! We have a new project for the United States, the last one in this country Was McAllen Tx. We now go to KBTR Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport. Therefore we also have another in development that is MMMY, and is in the final stages for its release! So I leave a catch of the KBTR control...
  3. MagMexico

    P3D v3 I need designers, MagMexico

    Hello! I need designers who want to work on the MagMexico team. I need you to comply with the following recommendations. Tools: Cinema4d Maya 3d Blender Photoshop Illustration About 3d programs can be any of the 3 as long as and when you deliver the project on time. You will be paid per...
  4. MagMexico

    FSX Curve earth edit error

    Hello! I have a problem with this tool on the MCX Before using it, the model (3d) in fsx does not come out in its place, but when using this Tool and correct the model in and reload the files in the fsx no longer the object is visualized after using this tool. Clarify that the object is grass...
  5. MagMexico


    We are developing this beautiful Airport of our Locality (Monterrey, Mexico). We show you some project captures!
  6. MagMexico

    Uruapan Airport - MMPN (FSX-P3D)

    MMPN - Uruapan/Lic Y Gen Ignacio Lopez Rayon Airport Information. Located in Uruapan, Mexico Made in Cinema 4D :D
  7. MagMexico

    FSX Airport to Mexico

    A few days ago I started with an airport in México, Country of where I am This airport is in Culiacan Here some screenshots of the current terminal The design was made in Cinema 4d where am familiar in 3d
  8. MagMexico

    FSX Developing KMFE

    Developing KMFE regards