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    FSXA A little help with XML

    Hi all, I am working on a commercial project for FSX and later P3d and have hit a bit of a brick wall. Any help you guys may provide would be greatly appreciated. Let me explain. I have a jet engine starter wav file that runs for a minute and I use the autostart method in the form of an...
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    FSXA A little help with gauge XML

    Hi folks, I need some assistance please. I have a project of my own in FSXA and I need some help with the XML. Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated. The problem, I have two identically sized gauges at the identical location on the same $gauge bitmap in the vc. I would like to control...
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    FSXA Custom L:Var problems

    HI folks, just wondering if anybody can help me with a problem I am having. I have a custom L:Var which drives a call button in the cockpit. Code below. <Animation name="call button" guid="a3c88c2a-5e14-4532-ab58-047dcb210f93" length="50" type="Sim" typeParam2="call button"...
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    FSXA Delay part visibility

    Hi all, Just a quick question, I am having a bit of trouble with a Landing light part. I want to delay its visibility by about 5 seconds or so. Is there any simple way of doing this? (note the part is not animated, I just want to control when it becomes visible after (A:LIGHT LANDING, bool) 1)...
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    FSXA Aircraft beacon/beacon splash issue

    Hello kind folk, I will apologize in advance for the long post but here goes, I am trying to create a beacon/beacon splash effect for my aircraft in FSXA DX10 project but have run into a problem, namely, The splash is an attachpoint effect animated to remain at ground level as the aircraft...
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    FSXA Simple timer based visibility

    Hi gents, I am putting together a gauge and I simply want a bmp to load with the screen and then disappear after 12 seconds or so but every permutation I have tried does not seem to work. My last iteration displayed below was a copy and paste job from the WIKI page which does exactly what it was...
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    FSXA Custom gps symbol possible?

    Hi all, just wondering if it is at all possible to overlay custom (more realistic) waypoint symbols on the default gps500 unit or maybe change the default pink/blue triangles which display intersections. Many thanks for any help provided in advance. Regards, Tj
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    FSXA ASN weather radar

    Just a question folks, I have ASN and have read their integration manual but have no clue how to get it integrated into the default g500 gps. Would anybody be able to shed some light on how I would go about getting just the radar info and not the gauge display onto my gps? Many thanks in...
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    FSXA Airport map viewer in xml

    Ladies and gents, just wondering if there is any way of super-imposing an airport map on the stock gps using xml. Have tried Holger's airport map gauge and it doesn't work very well on my system for some reason. Also I wanted to do it using xml as I am more familiar with that than anything else...
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    FSXA FSX default GPS500 3d integration

    Kind ladies and Gents, A few years ago (2012 or thereabouts), a gentleman by the name of David Wisser created a SDK for the default GPS500 integration into an aircraft VC. Sadly, I am unable to create an account on that site now due to its age I think and the fact that the Recaptcha tool no...
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    FSXA FSXA gps295 xml gauge noob question

    Hello kind people of the development community, I come to you with a question. I am creating a virtual cockpit which incorporates the gps295 gauge. I am fine with all the basics, such as creating the gauge polygon but I have hit a bit of a stumbling block and I cannot seem to find the answer...
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    FSXA smooth jet spool up/down

    Kind people, I come to you all after one whole week of staring at my screen and getting migranes and a lot of frustration. As the topic suggests, I want to simply simulate a smooth spool up/down of my jet engine. I have searched the net and tried various permutations and combinations of code...
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    FSXA Things that make me go Hmmmmmm...

    Ok ladies and gents, I have been creating FSX aircraft for the last 5 years or so with quite a bit of success and many more failures. I have gone grey, green and all the colors of the rainbow, pulled my hair out, held my breath, jumped for joy...etc. you get the picture. Something has got me...
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    FSXA Question for the experts

    Hi all, I am working on a project of my own ( a business jet ) and I want to create an engine oil diffuser effect similar to the ones seen coming from the side vents of the engines of the aircraft in this video . All previous attempts have been miserable failures. Could any of you kind souls...
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    FSXA help creating xml code for groundspeed based animation

    As the title says, I need some assistance with xml code for a part that will animate between 10 and 100 knots. I am creating a light business jet and in all videos I have seen, during taxi and takeoff, the aircraft wobbles very snappily from side to side and I would like to implement this...
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    FSXA landing light intensity varies with angle

    Could any of you kind people help? I am after implementing landing lights the intensity of which varies based on the angle at which you view them. One of the GA developers do this very well and I have tried almost everything to recreate this effect to no avail. I am working in 3ds max 2012 with...
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    Hi all, just working on a FSX project of my own and needed to build or incorporate a vertical situation display. Could anyone point me in the direction where I could begin? many thanks in advance Regards, TJ
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    Help with light splash visibility

    Hi all, as the title suggests, I am modelling an aircraft for fsx (acceleration) and have hit a snag somewhat. I have a tiny box modeled which floats near the ground directly under the nav light on each wing. To this box I have attached a nav light splash effect and the nav light visibility tag...
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    FSX terrence jordan Airbus A350xwb

    Check this out