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    Falcon 20 progress

    The Falcon 20 is slowly getting some progress. Rotorhub
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    Custom visibility tags for warning ligths

    I have a few lights in the overhead that I want to light up, when the switch is flipped on. My simple approach as a novice, is to use visibility conditions. The active bulb is slighty larger, has a brighter texture and a L_texture assigned to it and lits up. Deice works well Ignition lights...
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    Falcon 20E update FSX/P3D

    The exterior model is done. Paints are in the works. The airfile is produced with airwrench using real data, and it seems ok for a starting point. Engine tables are not correct, and I dont know how to do that yet :-) The VC are in the works, but mainly dummy/test gauges for the moment. Many...
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    FSX Falcon 20E virtual cockpit

    Falcon 20E VC in progress. The goal is to make it flyable from the VC, with basic funtions implemented. Still a lot to do, and still a lot to learn :-)
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    Falcon 20E

    I am working on Falcon 20E for FSX and P3D. It is a low poly version, just to learn the process. [/URL][/IMG]
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    P3D v3 Landing and taxi light splash

    Hi I am working on a Falcon 20E for a home cockpit project, and the exterior model is near completion. I just wonder if there are any better fx for the landing and taxi light, then the default. I would like a more realistic light. I have seen it in some of my payware models, but do not know how...
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    FSXA Turboprop SHP Gauge

    Hi! Can anyone help me with the expression and operators for the XML code for a Turboprop gauge I want to make a gauge that reads SHAFT HORSE POWER, , but I can not get this to work. What I want to do is; (PROP RPM:1, rpm) * ( ENG TORQUE:1, ft-lbs) / 5252 = SHP Data from my airfile for the...
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    P3D v3 FS9 conversion to P3D V3

    Thank you Arno for ModelConverterX! It looks like converting FS9 props to native P3D V3 works fine. So far I have had success with most animations and materials. I have the source files in AC3D and GMAX, but that is not an option for me. So it looks like I am saved by ModelConverterX. Also a...