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  1. dggoofy

    "On Key" Number List - solvED

    Hi, I'd like to create/modify some xml gauges by adding/changing "On Key" entries. In xml gauges we have the section <Keys> Then for example : <On Key="577" ID="Control+A"> Where can I find a list of those numbers ? Especially those with CTRL+SHIFT combo. It is not ASCII code. I search in...
  2. dggoofy

    FSX Odd mesh behaviour due to terrain.cfg - SOLVED

    Hi guys, I searched for hours without success. To make it short : I installed for a while (when it was published) the marvellous Solomon 1943. At that time, no problem. All was perfect. This week I wanted to go back and here is what I get : very odd mesh! I tried to inactive all other...
  3. dggoofy

    FSX 22050 or 44100Hz and crackling sound

    Hi, I need some help to understand a strange behaviour of FSXA. Let me explain. I have for a while crackling sounds with and only with FSX. Only engine sounds crack. Above all, jets. Of course I tried all advises I found on Internet, but adding a sound blaster card. Nothing cures the issue...
  4. dggoofy

    FSX Help - Squared ground texture

    Hi Gurus, I've got a strange problem for a while : A lot of default ground textures are squared (see picture - from FEFM airport). I unable all addon to test and still here. I tried to reinstall all default texture. Nothing changed. Anybody has an idea of what files am I missing ? Thanks for...
  5. dggoofy

    Distance of a specific AI Object

    Hi, Bob kindly suggested me to post my request here. I'd like to developp an idea where I need to extract the distance from a specific AI object in a xml gauge. So... Is it possible and if yes how ? I mean what's the code... I put an AI object (can be an airplane or else)... example the name...
  6. dggoofy

    FSX Distance of an AI Object

    Hi, I've got an idea in mind, but to do it, I need to read the distance of an AI object (I mean any object from SimObjects folder). And I need to read its name. ie. I've placed an object "Red_Car" (<= the name comes from sim.cfg or aircraft.cfg under "Title=") and I just want to know the...
  7. dggoofy

    FSX Change the region

    Hi, I would like to apply vegetation from a region to a country that is normally not in this region. Why ? Because... :-) i.e. I would like the tropical region vegetation to be applied to Korea... In FSX SDK it is written : "It is possible to change the regions that have been applied to...
  8. dggoofy

    FSX Sound freeze

    Hello, I searched for solution every where. But no new answers. So, desperately I leave this message here. I use FSX (+windows 7/64) for 5-6 years now. Now problem. Normal CTD, but nothing serious. But for 1-2 months now, I've got so "Sound freeze". Image freeze, but sound continues. Only...
  9. dggoofy

    FSX XML gauge stops working

    Hi there, I'm loosing all my hairs to find a solution for a very strange issue. I developped a interactive checklist, with vocal items, working with Doug Dawson's sound gauge. Here is a part of the code. <!-- BS-5 Generators --> (L:CL-item) 10 == (L:CaptOFF) ! &amp; (L:GPU...
  10. dggoofy

    Embraer Lineage 1000 plan

    Hello there, great designers, I'm looking for plan (or 3D model) of a Embraer Lineage 1000. No idea if it only exists and, if yes, where it would be possible to get it. Anyone could help ? Thanks! Daniel
  11. dggoofy

    Dougs' gauge sound : Sounds only in VC and not external view. I'm lost!

    Hello, I spent 2 hours trying to find a answer, without success. Hopefully I get here a solution. As you know I make cockpit sounds (so the switches in VC make a audible "click"). If I use a keyboard shortcut, it works to. But the problem, I hear also the "click" from outside view. I know...
  12. dggoofy

    FSX Variables to read the engine state (Starting, idling) - solved

    Hi there, I'm working on the new DC-3 by Manfred and Jan, with a great vintage panel. I'm adding nice cockpit sounds. I can tell you : it will be a great bird! I would like to active specific sounds depending on the engine state. For idle, and running, no problem I can read the RPM. But I...
  13. dggoofy

    FSX My Simconnect wont install - DELETED

    Hi guys, DELETED... Daniel
  14. dggoofy

    FSX 2D panel not visible (desappears) in VC

    Hi, Sorry to disturb for such a small problem, but it's recurrante and annoying. I use a gauge to detect ai carrier. Very usefull to find my way. This gauge works well in 95% of the airplane, but with some of them, as soon as I want to open the window (panel 1 or 2 or else) I see very breifly...
  15. dggoofy

    FSX Just incridible conflict... SOLVED

    Hi, It's so incridible that I need to share my experience. I start always with a C&D flight. All off. Nice. Shortly I had a problem with FSX : all switches were off, but electrical power was on. Impossible to swith it off. This caused also conflict with some airplanes, that could not start...
  16. dggoofy

    FSX DSD_XML_Config to save fuel level

    Hi Guys, My FSX is almost perfect, with cockpit sounds and new cold&dark gauge that add live into cockpit (for the first) and put the airplane on a real life situation when loaded. But... I miss a (maybe) last thing : save fuel level, so that I get the same level as after having left the...
  17. dggoofy

    Element select value in xml gauge

    Hello, Sorry for my stupid question! As an abosulte not experimented gauge programmer, I've got a question. You probably know that I made a lot of cockpitsounds gauges. As I learned here, I had xml variable like this : <Element> <Select> <Value> (L:lever fuel cutoff eng1,number)...
  18. dggoofy

    Delay to execute a xml code in a gauge

    Hi, Just wunder if it is possible to execute a command line in a xml gauge with a little delay ? I would like to execute this after 0.5-1 secondes : <Update Hidden="Yes"> <!-- PRIMARY INIT SECTION TO DO ONCE ON A/C LOAD! --> (L:Gen_Init,bool) 0 == if{ 1 (>L:Switch battery) 1...
  19. dggoofy

    FSX On load xml code

    Hello, I know to have a true Cold and Dark cockpit one should save the situation and then, when starting it, one get the airplane as one saved it... But... It doesn't work when one changes airplanes in game. Well... I programmed a little gauge that put all switches off when... RESET... ...
  20. dggoofy

    Auto turn on avionics with a gauge

    Hello, I get some problem. A lot of airplanes, even paywares, have a bug : avionics power must be set with keyboard shortcut, because there is no specific switch for it or programmer forgot to put this with the battery. So I tried to make a very simple gauge that I would add into panel.cfg of...