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    P3D v4 Any one studied P3D V4 SDK Simple Airplane Example

    Have any one studied P3D V4 SDK Simple Airplane Example? I had a quick look at it, but I am left wondering if LM showed all the equations the sim engine use internally or did they simplify the equations in this example? I suspect its the latter.
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    XP11 and MSFS/P3D cross development

    Has anyone started to consider reusing/making models, textures and code cross platform compatible? I cant be the only one thinking there is synergies to be realized here with XP11 slowly taking off.... First though; is there anyone even here from the XP world?
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    C++ Programmers and Modelers/Texturing for Embraer E17x/19x Paid Project

    Hi all, I am looking to start on a payware E17x/19x for P3D/FSX. The project is in the planning stages and I am looking for interested parties who have talents in programming, modeling/texturing to form a team. Past experience in creating add-ons as well as commitment(not necessarily full time...
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    FSX Direct2D Gauges

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    Acceleration Values overwrite

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    FSX R6031 Run Time Error

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    FSX Third NAV Radio XML

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    FSX C: Vars and how to set it up

    Hi, I am currently playing with C++, learning to get to grips with internal C++ to XML Var interaction. I have successfully read/write L: Vars, but am now looking to see how to let a XML gauge read a C: Var. (C:MyGauge:Varname,unit) is the syntax from what I understand. However, I...
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    FSX Custom Autopilot HDG hold

    Hi, I am trying to create a custom autopilot HDG Hold. Do you know what variable do I have to feed into the PID Controller to get a bank angle.
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    Joystick Sensitivity Formulars

    Hi, I have been working on Airbus FBW but the problems is that i do not have joystick sensitivity formular which can be useful in controlling spikes. Does any one know how to make the sensitivity like FSUIPC or FSX Sensitivty settings. Any help appreciated.
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    FSX Joystick Input help.

    I have tried editing the examples and cut & paste here and there but to no avil. Can someone help me spot the error and correct it for me? I am trying to capture, mask and output it to XML. Any help appreciated. #include <windows.h> #include <tchar.h> #include <stdio.h> #include...
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    FSX Assistance required on Refresh rate.

    Hi, I am coding in XML a FBW gauge but however (A:Radio Height,feet) 50 &lt; if{ <!-- BELOW 50FT --> (L:FBWELEV, number) (A:ELEVATOR POSITION, Percent) &lt; if{ (L:ELEVATOR PCT, number) (L:FBWELEV, number) (A:ELEVATOR POSITION...
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    FSX Joystick Postition

    Hello, I am trying to program a gauge that will read / intercept joystick axis and export the axis (namely elevator, rudder, alieron) values to an xml gauge. Am I supposed to use simconnect or directinput? I just need to read the axis but dont let the joystick input be active in FS because I...
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    FSX C++ Newbie

    Hi, I have been programing XML for a while but i realised the limitations of XML. I decided to learn about C++ but however, I have no idea on how to start off. I know that importing the SDK into VS 2010 C++ Express require to configure the platform SDK. Can anyobody help me by giving me the...