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  1. 12bPilot

    SODE simobject placement : nocrash attribute ?

    Hi, You need to attach the "No Crash" property to your model within your modelling tool of choice, using the FS SDKs "Attach Point Tool" (e.g. )
  2. 12bPilot

    PAPI SeparationPlane Limits

    Hi! Are we talking about FSX? In that sim, the update of the object's (visual) state is depending on the bounding box/model radius. This limitation doesn't seem to exist in P3D. Also animations are affected if you are too far away from the object, they just stop visually, while the internal...
  3. 12bPilot

    v1.6.4 Conditional Visibility bug

    Good to hear that there's not a huge FPS loss, I was just imagining a scenario with hundreds of such individual lights which is more computation heavy than a single model with hundreds of light polygons. There is a solution to this: Fresnel Ramp. It is described in the Modeling SDK (FSX...
  4. 12bPilot

    Feature Wishlist

    That would go way beyond the scope of SODE, since that would require a customizable scheme to implement finite state-machines...and that using XML! That would be a nightmare to design and code. Such a customizable system would need to go into the core engine of the sim itself and supported by...
  5. 12bPilot

    v1.6.4 Conditional Visibility bug

    Well, you've hit a limitation of the current SODE, which is the combination of the EnvironmentalDataProbe with grouped, multi-placed SimObjects. It just can't resolve the individual objects to hook them up to the data probe. I have fixed that now for the next version, but you can overcome this...
  6. 12bPilot

    Feature Wishlist

    Internally, this is all possible (jetways). But this is not exposed to general animation and SODE's XML system. I've had a rudimentary interface to that in the early SODE days (haha, a stub got into the documentation...
  7. 12bPilot

    Feature Wishlist

    This has been added in V1.6.0: Added Auto-Stand-Selection when parked at the stand with parking brake set and calling SODE menu
  8. 12bPilot

    v1.6.4 Conditional Visibility bug

    I have now created a little test case here with 1 EDP and 4 windsocks placed using the shorthand notation. They all react to changes in wind speed and direction...
  9. 12bPilot

    Terminal1 jetway was added then Terminal3 disappear from the menu.

    Yes, all CustomDesignators must be completed. I would recomment to use the "SODEPlacer" tool for that. You just fill that correlation table once and the tool will handle those CustomDesignators for you. See here ->
  10. 12bPilot

    P3D v4 SODE v1.6.4 Crash

    Thanks for the report. Any chance to have a small xml code snippet that triggers this failure? EDIT: I found a bug a couple of weeks ago which I think is related to your report. The event log is very similar to mine (fault offset). This has been fixed.
  11. 12bPilot

    v1.6.4 Conditional Visibility bug

    Hi, Haven't had the time yet to investigate that one. Do you have a small and simple xml demonstrating this behaviour?
  12. 12bPilot

    [SOLVED] SODE Animations not working!

    Any behavioural "tag" (like TriggerableAnimation) is a child of the Model tag -> <SODE> <SimObject Name="T2 Hangar"> <Placement Lat="52.6056768361" Lon="-1.036713039" Alt="0.0#AGL" Hdg="-41.5"/> <Model...
  13. 12bPilot

    Help rendering simple shapes

    Do the shapes/rings you want to display need to be dynamic in their appearance (e.g. size, color)? If not, you could also just inject SimObject models using the SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject API call. You'd need to create the (static) objects using one of the modelling tools and place them...
  14. 12bPilot

    Multiple xml placement files.

    Hi George, There is no limitation hard coded in the xml parser used in SODE. I have a xml file that has more than hundred of SimObject nodes in it, no problem with that
  15. 12bPilot

    Jetways with 2 parking spots asiggned

    No, nothing I can do on my end. It‘s exactly as you outlined, it‘s a sim limitation. See my post here
  16. 12bPilot


    That's a debug message for the situation where the real altitude is at sea-level. Some background info: FSX SimConnect does not have a function to get the altitude at a given lat/lon. So doing object injections at a relative altitude (like AGL) is a two step process. 1) the object gets injected...
  17. 12bPilot

    P3D v4 Dynamic gate numbers on jetways?

    It's been used in PacSim's KSLC and KRNO sceneries, where I did the jetways and was experimenting with the technology. However, they are not available to the public.
  18. 12bPilot

    SODE Visual Docking Guidance Systems

    It's the next thing I'm going to release, July or August I hope.
  19. 12bPilot

    Manual install or how to check?

    Hi, You can upload your SODE.log here if you want. I can then check what the problem could be. SODE.log is in C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\log
  20. 12bPilot

    [P3D V4 / FSX] EBBR freeware: need a jetway modeller

    Wait for the official release of the commercial VDGS pack ;-) Once this pack is installed, you'll be able to place VDGS boxes wherever you want using the free SODEPlacer utility. Now that SODE V1.6.3 is released (and it seems to be stable), I can finally work towards the release of the VDGS...