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    P3D v4 MDL scale issue after exporting

    Got no error while exporting, all parts are visible and done correctly. Only scale of model after export is not right. Checked comma´s on contact points section in aircraft.cfg. Issue has nothing to do with merging parts. Tried it with true and false "removing scale" in options. Using Dev...
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    P3D v4 Zeppelin NT

    Picture shows my more than 10 years old FS9 Zeppelin, created with FSDS, in native P3DV4. Perhaps you remember this freeware pearl. Animations are not working yet, but compilation to native P3DV4 was not a big deal. Gauges and airfiles are working, but it seems, they need some hands on it too...
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    FSXA Mixture contol 10% to 100% only

    In my Turboprob Soloy Mark 1 and 2 projects I am thinking about a Ground/Idle control gauge. It seems, the solution can be solved with mixture control. Stock mixture GENERAL ENG MIXTURE LEVER POSITION:1 is working fine. However - if it goes to 0 engine is shut off. But I have no idea to create...
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    FSXA Scale problem with digit display

    Working on my new project, a T206H Turbine Converstion. Some of my engine displays have beside 3D needles also digital digits of a gauge. But the values of animated needle of modeldef does not correspond with the gauge. Modeldev: <PartInfo> <Name>needle_trq</Name>...
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    P3D v3 Cessna T206H Soloy Mark 2

    Exterior models are on final. Cockpit is nearly similar to Mark 1. First two WIP pictures. Thomas
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    FSXA and P3D fx_vclight display on exterior models

    Perhaps an effects issue - but I couldn´t solve it. On my Soloy model I have 3D Lights, all are working great, except of vclight. I tried it out to made fx_vclight working like 3D lights, but with no success. What should I do, trying to do it in models or with effects?
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    FSXA Different Prop types in one model

    My Cessna Soloy U206G has two different Propeller types (3-blades or 5-blades prop). Now I started to collect them in one model to control Display via configuration gauge. I want to use animated standard sdk dummy propellers part0_still/slow/blurred with (unamimated) child parts like e.g...
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    FSXA Turboprop Engine Start Smoke Effect Issue

    I have a weird effect in my Soloy Turboprop project: during engine start (manually or with Shift+E) i have a smoke effect like a piston. And now I try to turn it off without success. Under normal conditions turboprob engines have no smoke effect on start up. And I am using standard coding for...
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    FSXA Seperate Attitude Indicators with different functions

    one (hopefully last) issue on my Soloy project is driving me crazy. I animated two Attitude Indicators (main is vacuum, backup is elec) and Turn Indicator with (A:ATTITUDE INDICATOR BANK DEGREES, degree). Only backup is caged with a flag. What is working? All animations and the cage flag of...
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    HSI: Glide Slope Indicator Parking

    in my HSI, glide slope indicator is working fine. I did keyframes 0, 119, 238. But GSIs remain in off situation in the middle. In real, the indicators are in a more upper position (parking situation). Which kf I have to set? Hope you can help me out. <PartInfo> <Name>hsi_glide</Name>...
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    FSXA Soloy project - Engine displays

    The sdk is driving me crazy with turboprop engines displays. I want to cover RR/Allison 250-C20S Turboshaft engine parameters to my current Soloy Cessna 206 project. See showroom I have only 5 gauges to...
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    FSX Cessna U206G Soloy Turbine Pac Mark I + II

    I am currently working on a rare Cessna 206 conversation. It will be a fully new model, first native FSX. Exterior models of Mark I are nealy finished. I try to cover turbine behavior of 418 SHP Allison 250-C20S Turboshaft of Mark I as real as possible. VC and cabin working are the next steps...
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    Koblenz, Germany

    Again thank you very much for your support for Koblenz. The "switch-over" to Gmax was really hard for me, but finally a very good experience. Koblenz is my first scenery, where predominantly new technology was used. It was built with FSDS2, Gmax (and the great tools from...
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    asm and Seasonal Textures

    I tried to put seasonal textures to my gmax-tree (gamepack2004) via asm and the way Arno discribed in his Seasonal Texture-Tutorial 2002. After decompiling with BGLC_9 I´ve got an error "can´t open *_0.asm, where I made the changes. Can somebody explain me, what is going wrong? Thanks in...